True Beauty is on the Inside

What characteristics make people pretty? Without a doubt, it is not about physical appearance, but about being yourself.
True Beauty is on the Inside
Ana Gorrochategui

Written and verified by the psychologist Ana Gorrochategui.

Last update: 22 March, 2024

There is no contest on earth that can decide who the most beautiful person in the world is. Far from what we usually see, read or hear, beauty is an attitude. Contrary to what we usually think, beauty really is on the inside. External beauty is overrated and makes us waste so much time pursuing aesthetics that we forget about what really matters. The most important thing is inner beauty.

There is a lot of beauty in the world. Human beings are able to find beauty in almost any expression of art, object or being. We have the ability to perceive it and the passion to admire it. But when we talk about people, the concept is disfigured. We forget that each person can be beautiful beyond their physique. Far beyond the triviality of our outside appearance.

The most beautiful person is brave

Being courageous doesn’t mean living without fear. It means stopping fleeing, meeting fear head on, and thus be able to overcome it. It comes from listening and respecting ourselves, and brings us closer to what we want to become. Below are some of the benefits that brave people enjoy.

Brave people listen and validate their feelings

Far from running away from what they feel, they take advantage of their emotions in order to get to know themselves better. They accept both positive and negative emotions and don’t judge themselves on how they are feeling. When we start to clarify our fears and insecurities, we can reflect on them and on where they are leading us. In addition, this allows us to act in a coherent and balanced way.

inner beauty and the heart

Brave people accept responsibility for their actions

They don’t feel sorry for themselves or look for someone to blame. They focus on what they can improve and work to achieve it. When we feel we have got something wrong or live through injustice or failure, then the attitude we adopt is vital. Brave people make every effort to recover and try new options or alternatives. Everyone can get things wrong, but not everyone perseveres. How do you face your failures, faults or errors?

The brave face changes head on

Changes are part of life and resisting them means that we are fighting against the tide. Brave people strive to turn the changes that occur around them (ones they didn’t choose) into opportunities that can act as springboards for us to grow. Changes can be frightening, but when we avoid them and move away from what we are feeling, then we will stop flowing.

Brave people understand that we can’t please everyone

Nobody can please everyone else and themselves at the same time. It is logical that we care about the opinions of the people we love. But if we put these opinions before what we think and feel then we are relegating ourselves to the background. It is important to try to maintain a certain loyalty to oneself. This doesn’t mean we have to hurt others, but just to ensure that we don’t hurt ourselves.

Man looking out of the window

Brave people make decisions

Sometimes it is easier to let ourselves be carried along by the current, even though this doesn’t bring us anywhere near where we would like to be. Brave people make decisions. Decisions tend to frighten us and this is quite normal. Choosing one path means discarding others. However, we need to steel ourselves and decide to move forward. And what about you? Are you hesitating about an important decision you have to make?

The most beautiful people are natural

Sometimes we need to make an especially important decision. We need to move away from people’s expectations, comparisons and demands in order to be ourselves. We have to learn to live without added sweeteners, preservatives or additives. We just have to be ourselves, nothing more, nothing less. Doing this doesn’t mean separating ourselves from people or situations. It means getting closer to ourselves.

“Even if you tear off the petals, you will not remove beauty from the flower.”

-Rabindranath Tagore-

Woman walking in the countryside

When this happens, our inner eyes often resist what is going on, but in the long term the views become much more harmonious landscapes. During the process you realize that you have been neglecting yourself. Then you come to your senses, pick yourself up, give yourself a hug and decide to look after yourself just like you deserve – with love. As time goes by, you begin to be more sensitive to the beauty you have inside. You understand that beauty is not gained with creams and neither is it lost over the years.

You realize that beauty consists of thinking less and flowing more…in being totally natural.

This means you forget the filters, the looks and the opinions. It means you find a way to be in the foreground and claim the leading role in your story. When you are brave and listen to yourself, you become the most beautiful person in the world to the person who is always there for you. That person is you!

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