I Love People Who Make Brave Decisions When It's Hard

I Love People Who Make Brave Decisions When It's Hard
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 26 January, 2023

Climbing a ladder to the stars.

I love people who make brave decisions when it’s hard. People who go for what they really want deep down… even if it goes against what’s logical or normal to other people. And they do it when it’s hard. But they say, “If there’s anyone willing to bet on me, it’s me.” 

We’ve all had that feeling of being weighed down. You can even see it in kids: when their parents buy them a toy, a lot of kids become more obedient. It’s not because they want another toy, either. It’s because they’ve internalized the reciprocity principle

On the other hand, there are a lot of parents who remind them of this debt. “Hey, don’t act up today, I just bought you a toy!” “We spent a long time at the park today so now you go clean your room!”

brave decisions

They’re honest and sincere

People who make brave decisions when it’s hard are usually honest. They say no to being in two places at once when they know they can’t. They take the stance that “this is my card and I’m going to play it.” They’re wonderful people  because they prioritize the most powerful thing in them: their life force.

I love people who know who they are. People who are clear about their priorities and understand that sometimes sticking to them means making sacrifices. Then, they make those sacrifices, even if losing or leaving something behind hurts.

Maybe they put family first, and refuse to give up the wonderful routines they have with their family for all the riches of the world. Or it might be because they know their work comes first. They’re ready to move from city to city to do the job they love.

People who make brave decisions in hard times are true to themselves. They don’t try or or even want to try to put a band-aid somewhere they can’t reach. And they don’t try to fit in where they don’t belong. They’ll say, “okay, the day is 24 hours long, not 48,” which means they won’t try to overdo things.

They don’t force themselves. Nor do they force other people into places they can’t reach. They aren’t running behind the clock: they’ll do what they can. If they know they don’t have time to have kids, they’ll either make the time or won’t have kids. But they never force other people to be parents or turn their own lives into a constant sacrifice. 

People who make brave decisions know how lucky they are

When I interact with people who can make brave decisions in hard times, I know what I’m dealing with. No matter how much they do or don’t like me, they’ll do exactly what they say. Anything they say they’ll do, they’ll do. And if they say no to something, they have a reason.

I love people who can make brave decisions in hard times because they usually remember that they’re lucky. Lucky because their heart is beating, because they have hope, because they have a body that’s a more amazing machine than anything we’ve created with technology.

Because they can breathe, and isn’t it amazing to be able to breathe? Just do it, there’s no need to compare yourself to anyone who can’t. Do it for it’s own sake. Breathe in and then breathe out. 

I like them because they love life. They write their life story in a positive light. They fight for justice even when they know this world is unjust and that people will call them fools for trying. I love them because they recognize their weaknesses, but don’t let that stop them. 

They might not be “best friend material,” but they’re always up on the ladder trying to change the light bulb that went out. Whether they have little or a lot, they will always try to use all their skills. They take beautiful risks. Risks that teach them something.

They have fears just like everyone else, but they know it’s all part of the game. Some people break when they get scared and other people stand up. Give it a try? Well, why not? Don’t kids throw spoons to figure out how gravity works?

They’re the kinds of people who keep on throwing spoons, because they have so much curiosity. And they have even more faith, and that’s why they can make brave decisions even when it’s hard.

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