Together We Make the World Better

Together We Make the World Better
Cristina Roda Rivera

Written and verified by the psychologist Cristina Roda Rivera.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Let’s make a tribute to quality and not quantity. A tribute to those people that, with their mere existence, allow us to get to know the most wonderful corners of the world and our hearts, without needing anyone else. They fill us up, complete us and calm us.

Sometimes, we strive to meet a lot of new people because it’s without a doubt something fun to do. It stimulates us and we’re nurtured by new ways of feeling and seeing life. But sometimes we meet unpleasant people which we would have been better off never meeting. And other times, we meet people that make us believe that the world is a great place again.

Then we have our friends. Those scarce jewels of great value that exist to remind you who you are when you don’t even know it yourself. The hardest thing is to find a person that follows our rhythm through life.

It can be someone who was always there, or someone you just met and recently turned your world upside down. Though it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen…A lover or colleague that has learned to let you walk freely by their side because they are doing the same thing with you.

couple holding hands

Together you and I make up my world

Only you and I, lovers who seem to love each other even beyond the meaning of the word. Just you and I are enough to face all of the grievances the world wants to throw at us. We have an unconditional bond thanks to love, friendship and caring.

We’re together because we feel confused when we’re separated, and together everything seems so frighteningly easy. It’s frightening because once you can no longer remain in my life, this feeling will be difficult to find again. But it’s not the time to think of sad things.

The important thing is that you’re with me now, and I’m with you despite all of the difficulties that we’ve been through. There have been challenges, but we have overcome them. I still feel the mystery, intrigue and passion I felt during the first months.

Intimacy is not only sensual. Intimacy is to feel comfortable and natural and still not lose any of our desire. How could I lose it, if I can imagine my whole life with you, fighting for this to last until the end?

You and I will shield ourselves from the world, a world that sometimes destroys things

When I look around me and see so much hate, frustration, so many ugly things that happen to good people, I feel a lot of rage… but also a lot of fear. I have the impression that we can be dealt hundreds of things worse than the things we’ve already endured. And sometimes I doubt if my heart will be able to resist the world trying to destroy what we’ve built with so much effort.

I fear that they won’t respect our way of life, our decisions. I worry that arguments about the bills will substitute the conversations after seeing a movie or our dialogues just before going to bed, imagining what country we would travel to if we could.

couple hugging

Sometimes I wonder if I’m hooked to you, but I see so many people depending on a life that doesn’t make them happy; that I think I deserve the right to share the most time possible with the person that makes me happy. You make me so happy that I also have the energy to do a lot of other things with other people. I have great energy and willpower of steel because your love has gotten rid of all the bitterness I had before.

I’ve gotten used to happiness because you haven’t made this whole deal of me feeling well a puzzle or a riddle. We have given ourselves over without games, only with truth. We have much more fun that way.

You’re not indispensable, but you’re irreplaceable as a life companion

I think that instead of being afraid of what might come, we should give thanks for being together. Because if we hadn’t found each other, our fear would be to walk this path alone or next to people we didn’t truly like.

Instead of worrying about how to make ourselves even happier everyday, we would be busy looking for something to fill our existential void. We would be caught up in the need to please others and be filled with questions and longings.

red flower on snow

We can surely be complete and happy people without being together. I just think that together we add up. We make our world more beautiful, thought it might not be beautiful out there. Getting off work is filled with the expectation of seeing you. And I don’t see tomorrow as a date, but as an opportunity of continuing to be next to you.

This is why I only need you as an accomplice to my world, though many other people may be in it. Because sometimes to live in this world you need a lot of bravery and hope, and if you give me some I hope we never mess up something so beautiful.

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