Tips To Overcome Excessive Worry

Tips To Overcome Excessive Worry

Last update: 06 September, 2016

Do you worry or occupy yourself when you have a problem? We all face different situations in everyday life. What makes us different is that some are driven by excessive worry, while others concentrate on finding a solution and taking action.

I’ve heard several people say that if they are not worried they feel like they aren’t doing anything. It is true that you focus on the problem to analyze it and find a way out? But spending all of your time mulling over the situation will not make any changes.

In addition, excessive concern will generate various physical setbacks: headaches, insomnia, stress, anger, etc. Here are some tips so that this situation does not defeat you.

See the problem objectively

I know that this advice will seem absurd to you. After all, you’re looking at the problem as something huge, right? Well, that’s precisely the reason why excessive worry is dragging you along. This is a vicious circle: the more attention you put on the problem, the bigger it seems.

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Therefore, our recommendation is to try to forget that the problem is yours for a moment. Imagine that it’s something that is happening to someone else and think about what you would say. What solution would you give? How would you recommend attacking it?

Disconnect for a moment

Being stuck at home or in the office seeing, breathing and entering further into the problem will generate excessive worry which does not help. Take a minute to find a distraction. The point is to disconnect your mind for a moment. Many times we fall into excessive concern because we fix all of our attention on the problem.

Anything you can think of to relax: going for a walk, closing your eyes and sleeping for a moment, talking to someone can help. It is not uncommon that when you go out for coffee with a friend you come back to find the solution almost magically transformed. This happens because our mind has had time to relax and view the problem in other ways.

Think of your health

At the beginning I commented that excessive concern generates various physical and psychological problems. A good way to combat them is by becoming aware of the risks that excessive worry entails.

If you think it is difficult to find a solution now, it will be even more difficult if your physical health deteriorates. You need to be okay in order to focus on what requires your attention: your children, problems, daily life, etc.

Seek help from an expert

Is excessive worry creating a problem you cannot solve alone? Then seek the right help. I have known people who in their desire to appear strong seek to fix everything themselves. It is true that you have many skills but sometimes you simply cannot do anything.

The help of an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor or other professional is always available. Do not try to fix things that you really do not understand.

If you give yourself the opportunity, perhaps you may find that the solution is not as complex as you think, but you simply need someone to guide you. In other cases leaving the problem in the hands of an expert can be the ultimate cure for your excessive concern.

Change negative thoughts

Once you see a problem you have two options: look for the solution calmly or get carried away by negative ideas. If you choose to go the second way, the problem will snowball and excessive worry will take over.

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Instead of getting caught up in negative thoughts, fight against them and search for something positive. Do not say you can’t because you will end up believing it. If this idea appears, remember that you can in fact do it and that just need to find the right solution.

Talk to someone

Excessive concern will not let you see the alternative solutions that are available to you. If you arrive at this point, take the opportunity to talk to someone. A friend, your partner, your parents or anyone else.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not an expert on the issue because all you need is a new perspective. Talking will help you see beyond the obvious and with that you can find solutions that haven’t occurred to you before.

Do not be put off by excessive worry

It is very easy to focus on the problem and forget that there are more options. Do not fall into this error, look for better alternatives to move forward.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.