Ten Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Day

Ten Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Day

Last update: 30 May, 2023

Surely you have at some point identified mentally strong people and others who are mentally weak, right? But…did you ever ask what this really means? Mentally strong people are those who do not let themselves be influenced by others, who know who they are, and who are proud of their personality. Mentally strong people know themselves and do not let others change them.

Maybe you do not know if you are a strong person or not, or maybe you are looking for a way to be one. Today you will find out 10 things that people who are mentally strong do. We hope that they will help you to become very strong!

Remember that the strongest oaks grow against the wind.

1. They know how to say “no”

Something very difficult for many of us, for we have been taught that we have to say, “yes.” If we don’t we think we will be considered rude and even rather unlikable people. Our eagerness to be accepted turns us into unbending yes-men.

You have to learn that saying, “no,” is not something negative. You have all the right to refuse to do or admit something that you do not consider to your liking. It is difficult to say, “no.” What if you start today by refusing to do something that you do not want to do?

2. They embrace failure

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Mentally strong people know that every failure brings with it an experience, and that every experience is a new way to know what we have done well, what we have done badly, and what we have to do now to move forward.

Without failure, there is no success. Without failure, we become stagnant. Without failure, we can be overconfident.

Sometimes success dresses up as the most profound failure. Do not regret it before it is time. Be confident.

3. Their happiness does not depend on others

We believe that in order to be happy, others have to be happy. In short, our happiness is always at the mercy of others. This is a serious mistake. Your happiness is yours and only yours; if you allow it to depend on others , you will see yourself drowning in the emotional ups and downs. This will make you feel unhappy and frustrated. Happiness is within you. You still do not see it? Look for it…

4. They pull something positive from the negatives

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There is no need to be a drama queen. We always give more importance to those negative things that happen to us, but are they really negative? Mentally strong people know that from absolutely every single negative thing, it is possible to pull something positive. That something is there, but you cannot see it. Open your eyes. We learn from the negative, we move forward from it…

To see the rainbow, first you have to deal with the rain

5. They stand up to fear

Mentally strong people recognize fear as an emotion but know that it can be paralyzing. This is why mentally strong people stand up to fear and use it in their favor. They use that fear to stand up to and triumph over themselves in all of those aspects that they fear. They put themselves to the test! It is in this way that they become strong, that they become mentally powerful.

6. They are emotionally intelligent

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They can understand and identify emotions, something extremely difficult. Furthermore, they are people with a high capacity for empathy. Do you know how to control your emotions? Do you know how to identify and use them in your favor? If so, maybe you are emotionally intelligent.

Emotionally intelligent people know how to express their emotions.

7. They trust in their possibilities

We are human and at any time, our confidence can end up broken or put into doubt. Are we sure that we can do what we wanted? Can we do it? Emotionally intelligent people trust in themselves at all times and do not allow anything to throw that confidence to the ground. Self-assurance is important if we want to be strong.

8. They neutralize toxic people

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Toxic people are all around us and sometimes they cause a transformation inside of us, turning us into something that we do not want to be. If you are emotionally strong, you will know how to neutralize toxic people.

The only thing you need is trust in yourself, the strength and pride necessary to distance yourself from them and stand up to them if necessary. Do not let yourself by carried away by them, by toxic people. 

Some people are like clouds: when they disappear, the day becomes much brighter.

9. They accept changes

Because sometimes, we are afraid of changes, of stepping outside our comfort zone, that is scary! But emotionally strong people know that all change is good change. Clear the saying “better the devil you know than the one you don’t” from your mind, because every change will mean something good. You just have to see it. Open your eyes, accept changes… accept to be a mentally strong person.

10. They know that the world does not owe them anything

Sometimes we believe that the world owes us things, that if we do good things, good things have to happen to us. Do not take anything for granted, and do not want too much. Look around you: what do you have? Be happy about what you have now, appreciate it, give value to it. Here you will find true happiness and the necessary strength that you were looking so hard for.

Sometimes we believe that we do not have anything, but that is just because we do not know how to look at or appreciate what we have closest to us.

Having read these ten things that mentally strong people do, do you identify with them? If so, congratulations! And if not…now you know what you have to do! Start changing your perspective on things, on the world, on your reality… Life is full of marvelous things and you are emotionally strong, you just have not drawn out your true strength yet.

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Images courtesy of M. Carretero, Anna Dittman, Art Simbolic

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