The Things You Don't Repair Will Repeat Themselves

The Things You Don't Repair Will Repeat Themselves

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There is no magic formula to keep something we dislike out of our lives. We can’t keep away the things that become unpleasant for us. Both happy experiences as well as unhappy ones are destined to happen at some point in our lives.

It is impossible and impractical for us to want things to be good at all times. Our everyday events can’t constantly smile at us. Those events that have made us sad have also taught us great lessons. We are capable of getting back up over and over again. We are equipped with the necessary tools to withstand all of our stumbles.

Precisely for this last reason, we have to always face that which bothers us and seek out a way to repair it. Let’s not forget that we hold within enough strength to withstand the bad. Thus, we are equally strong enough to confront, repair it and close it down completely. Remember that the loose ends you don’t tie up will always unravel, and that has its consequences.

It is normal for you to want to avoid the things that upset you

The temptation to escape from the people we find annoying or bothersome is almost always great. As human beings we have certain instincts. These instincts dictate that, in the face of a threat, there are two responses: fight or flight. However, the majority of the threats that we face are no longer lions or snakes. They require, therefore, a more complex response.


It is totally understandable that, if we are broken inside, we will feel that the most feasible solution is to run. Meanwhile, we hope that time will deal with things and make them go back to normal. In these cases, the only thing we want is to go back to being emotionally well. We don’t want to run the risk of breaking even further.

“When things break, it is not the fact that they broke which keeps them from being repaired. It is the fact that some small pieces have been lost. The entire shape is now deformed. Everything has changed.”

Breaking down necessarily implies an inner change that we initially don’t understand. A change that unsettles us entirely. This change can become bothersome if, in addition, we don’t give it the importance and time it deserves. We have to rebuild and repair ourselves once more. This leads to a process that we are obliged to follow through, in order for the pain to not repeat itself when you look back.

That which you escape from, always remains with you

We are forced to continue with this process. If we attempt to run from it, sooner or later we’ll realize that it has followed us wherever we have gone. We have tried to avoid it by thinking about something else. But, we have not eliminated it. It still remains there.

Running away will probably give us the ideal perspective to look at what has happened to us in a different way. And this is a good thing. What happens then is that in the end, we will always arrive at the same place. We will say goodbye to the pain and find the will to listen to ourselves. We will decide to be brave in the face of the situation that isn’t letting us move forward.

The lessons you don’t learn repeat themselves

When the moment arrives, and we have been able to repair what was bothering us, we will have learned much more than we can realize at first glance. In any case, we will be strengthened by these circumstances which have made us face life in all of its glory.


We shouldn’t allow the things that limit us to remain in our lives. If we do, we’ll have our hands and feet bound to the ground. Though we may think we are moving forward, we won’t. Cowardice, in this case, does not mean being afraid of the problem. Instead, it means not doing anything to prevent it from beating you. Bravery implies standing up to your monsters.

“What can we expect from a life lived with hands tied behind our back,
with disguised cowardice,
with a wide smile from ear to ear at every stumble,
with all of your hope rested on luck.”
-Pablo Benavente-

Everything that we leave up to luck will repeat itself. Everything we let take its own shape. Everything we await so that it makes us feel well again. It will keep calling on us when we are at our weakest. It won’t leave until we say goodbye for good. And this implies crying if it is necessary, backed by an “I can do it”.

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