There’s A Certain Pleasure In Insanity That Only The Insane Know

There’s A Certain Pleasure In Insanity That Only The Insane Know

Last update: 29 March, 2022

We have all done something crazy: taken an unplanned trip, kissed someone without thinking about it, said something inappropriate in public, sung out of tune, in short: let ourselves get caught up in the heat of the moment. It is a matter of healthy insanity, which is a pleasure for the senses and makes us feel alive.

The important thing is for this insanity not to hurt anyone, to be a pleasure that does not injure other people. A certain selfishness is sometimes healthy and we can do things just for the simple pleasure of enjoying them. It does not matter if we make a mistake; we will always learn something.

“The imagination is insane and likes to do insane things.”

-Nicolas Malebranche-

7 insane things that we will probably do through our lives

The catalogue of insane things that each of us does is very distinct, and each person also considers things insane that another person would not, but this is not what matters. What matters is feeling that adrenaline that runs through you when you do something that you want to do and you think it does not matter at all what other people think.

1. Falling in love with someone who is not right for us

Feeling something for a person is uncontrollable, we know this, and suddenly one day, we realize that we have fallen in love with the least suitable person, a person who is a lot older or younger than us, a married person, a person who lives thousands of kilometers away.

But love is an inevitable feeling; only time can make us forget and sometimes not even time manages to snuff out the feelings we have for another person.

Silhouettes Kissing

2. Spending our money on something expensive that we want to buy

At some point, it has probably happened that you saw something that you really wanted to buy and it was inevitable: you were going to spend all your savings on it, without thinking about the price.

It is a matter of whims or impulses that we have all felt and that at some point, we have satisfied by buying something that we were really excited about and wanted to have.

3. Sleeping with a person that we just met

The chemistry between two people can be activated at any moment, with a person that you just met. This is something that is felt very quickly; it just takes a few words and you know that you want that person, that it does not matter what happens, you want that person in your bed. In those situations, it is a matter of enjoying the moment and having a lot of fun; what happens later is the future, not the here and now.

4. Traveling with a backpack and very little money

Getting to know the world, different cultures, and different people presents a great attraction for many people. Have you ever dared to throw your backpack over your shoulder and go take a trip with very little money?

It is an experience that changes the way you see life, enjoy each moment, and that makes you aware of the great number of things that we have and that are unnecessary.

“Madness is the state in which happiness stops being unattainable.”

-Alice in Wonderland-

5. Going a whole night without sleep and then going to work

An entire night out of the house, in the street, having fun and laughing with our friends, and then going to work. Many of us have experienced that sensation of dying for sleep at work, wanting to go home, and yet each minute on the clock seems to last five hours. But that night was worth being lived and enjoyed, each laugh was worth it, and exhaustion is only temporary.

6. Cutting your hair or dying it blue, orange, or red

Changing our look is something that has tempted nearly all of us at some point in our lives. Getting a tattoo, shaving our head when we had extremely long hair, dying our hair some color. These are insane things that do not hurt anyone and that make us feel good about ourselves, make us connect with our essence, with what makes us smile.

7. Studying something that really interests us, for the simple pleasure of doing it

Woman with Book

We tend to associate study with something boring that we do out of obligation, but there may be something that really interests us that we do not consider boring.

Studying for pleasure is a very great satisfaction; all knowledge can be useful at some point in our lives, and therefore, we must not hold back our eagerness to know and to learn.

Let yourself be swept away by the pleasure of insanity

All of us who have done something crazy know the pleasure that we feel upon doing it, the immense satisfaction of knowing that we have done something to give ourselves pleasure.

Your smile will betray you and leave you thinking about your next insane action. What will it be? Life is very short, so let yourself be swept away by insanity from time to time, feel alive, and enjoy each second.

“The mistakes you regret the most in your life are the ones you didn’t commit when you had the chance.”

-Helen Rowland-

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