The Punishment of Being Born Perverse

A pervert is incapable of loving and expressing affection. Convinced that the world is evil, they become insensitive and unfeeling. It's their way of not suffering.
The Punishment of Being Born Perverse
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 21 January, 2022

What’s the definition of perverse behavior? As a matter of fact, defining perversion presents countless difficulties. Originally, the term was mistakenly associated with alleged sexual ‘deviations’. However, this concept is currently excluded from the definition.

Psychiatry adopted the terms dysfunctions or paraphilias for cases of perversion related to sexual situations. In fact, in the diagnostic manuals of mental disorders (DSM-5 and ICD 11), perversion is separated from paraphilias and sexual dysfunctions.

How does a pervert think?

A perverse person feels haunted by obsessive and destructive thoughts. They feel that their attitudes aren’t decent and above-board.

Evidently, this is an abnormal condition of the personality, in which the ‘perverse’ individual develops a destructiveness toward their associates through thoughts and acts of an evil nature.

Man with wicked thought

Numerous scientific studies indicate that perverse behavior can be congenital. However, they also affirm that a lack of affection in early stages (in childhood) can lead to the gestation of a mind with perverse characteristics.

The pervert develops a conflictive personality. Their fantasies are always conscious, and they always try to harm, humiliate, and harass other people.

In cases where a sexual perversion (better called paraphilia) is present, it’s essential for the pervert to have a setting where they can develop their desire for destruction and activities with obscene connotations. Furthermore, to be able to transfer those humiliations (real or fictional) they received during their childhood and adolescence.

When the victim of the pervert is subjected and humiliated, the pervert experiences sensations of triumph, domination, and superiority. Ultimately, they need to feel like an avenger and not a victim.

“The evil caused by a pervert is indiscriminate, but they prefer people close to them, such as relatives or sentimental partners.”

-Paul-Claude Recamier-

Wicked people

Leaving aside the cases of paraphilias, psychoanalysis interprets perversion as a value of the nosographic structures of perversion, neurosis, and psychosis.

Woman with wicked thought

To a certain extent, a pervert develops psychopathic behavior. This manifests itself from childhood to maturity. It does so in all areas of their life, from the family to the workplace.

There are certain common traits of perverse people. For example, they’re individuals who present marked traits of aggressiveness and selfishness. They’re also impulsive, with pronounced maladjustment traits and selfish behavior that can become aggressive.

These people show little or no communication with their environment. However, they eagerly pursue perfection in all their pursuits, dragging anyone down in the process. In addition, they have no empathy and show an absolute lack of respect for others.

“Only time shows the righteous man, while you could meet the wicked in a single day.”


According to psychiatrists, the increase in the malignancy of these individuals is usually associated with emotional isolation. This grows due to social or affective resentment, hatred, failure, etc. In fact, it’s a vicious circle that continually feeds itself.

There’s no cure for the perverse mind

For the perverse person, there’s no turning back. Indeed, it appears that there’s no possibility of a cure. Nevertheless, treatment must be undertaken that starts with making the pervert understand that they’re suffering from an illness. This should be followed by pharmacological and institutional treatment. Furthermore, they should be re-educated in their emotions. Naturally, all treatments should be undertaken by the relevant professionals.

Radiodiagnostic images of the brain indicate that, in pathological perverts, some areas related to emotions present a certain degree of deterioration. Therefore, antidepressants and antipsychotics are proposed as part of the treatment.

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