The Most Beautiful Thing in the World is Hugging the People You Love

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World is Hugging the People You Love
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Sometimes we pass through time without realizing everything we have, without hugging the beautiful people that surround us. Hugging our loved ones is one of the most wonderful and extraordinary sensations that exists.

In fact, putting our arms around the ones we love has multiple benefits. Not only do we feel good ourselves, but we also create a fantastic atmosphere full of affection and warmth.

That’s why it’s always a good time to show affection to the people in our lives. It makes sense to take advantage of the time we have with them as much as we can.

kitchen hug

There are thousands of ways to say “I love you”

Hugs are just one of the many thousands of ways to say “I love you.” Sometimes we forget that we can recover a sense of affection in the little details of every day. Love is hidden behind every little gesture…

Our mistake usually lies either in our difficulty in communicating, or in our inability to listen. Even though affection normally comes out of every pore, our senses are not attuned to these displays of love. We should try to figure out how we can tell the people in our lives that we love them every day.

old and young in a blanket

For example, we can say good morning and good night to the people closest to us. This allows us to start and end the day feeling good, with the presence and permanence of the important people in our lives. Another way to show our affection and interest is trying to resolve our conflicts. It’s important that others perceive that we care about how they feel in the relationship.

In the same way, if someone is feeling bad, it will be good for them to perceive that we are there for them, because this will make them feel better. We can try to talk, listen, understand how they’re feeling, make their days more bearable, etc. Everything we do will produce good consequences.

In addition, reminding the people we love that we think about them is fundamental for making them feel special. Of course, being interested in how their day went and about their desires is another basic premise of showing your love without saying it.

young couple hug

Don’t leave for tomorrow the hugs that you could give today

Kisseshugs, and caresses are poems that we write about the people that we love. Few things are more comforting than those verses replete with affection. Few things are as meaningful as hugs.

There is nothing more sincere and true than the fusion of two bodies, the love in the friction and the heat. Hugging the people we love results in a magical explosion of feelings and emotions that suddenly become necessary, urgent. It’s a way to say how we feel through the soul. Without words, because the language of affection is universal.

So don’t leave for tomorrow the hugs you could give today. Remember that every day of our lives is a one-way journey that we will never return from, and that the time to enjoy and love is the present.

Images courtesy of Puung y Claudia Tremblay

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