Taking Risks Allows Us To Grow

Taking Risks Allows Us To Grow

Last update: 02 December, 2016

Taking risks is something necessary to achieve our goals and gradually transforms us into someone very close to our ideal self. But doesn’t the word “risk” immediately produce a great sense of fear for you? We are not used to taking risks. We avoid them and protect ourselves against them.

It is completely normal. If we can, we always look for the easiest and safest way to achieve what we intend, but perhaps this is a sign of weakness? Wanting everything so easily is not good. The result will not be as satisfying.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will not achieve anything in life.”

-Muhammad Ali-

The fear of making mistakes

This is something that is difficult for us to overcome because it seems that we still continue to be anchored to the idea that making mistakes is something we should be ashamed of. Something that should always try to run away from if we can. But m aking mistakes is essential to learning, knowing where we fail, correcting it and moving on with our goals. Are you afraid? Of course, but all fear must be overcome.

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We cannot continue with the false belief that mistakes make us weak, incapable or make it impossible for us to achieve what we want. There is nothing further from reality. Errors allow us to achieve everything we want even though we may not see it that way.

“Free yourself from the obligation to be perfect. You have the right to make mistakes, as many as you need to continue learning the lessons of life”


Take risks and you will make mistake! But this will allow you to see where you need to improve, correct it and continue to grow. How did you learn to walk? Falling… How did you learn to read? Making mistakes … There is nothing that comes easy and without risks there will never be right answers.

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If you fail, it’s okay

Imagine you run a big risk to move a company forward or study what you have always wanted. There are things that are difficult to carry out because doing so is a real sacrifice. But does taking a risk mean that everything will go well?

Taking risks is not always going to result in something positive, but the satisfaction of having tried and ruling out a path you thought was correct is the right way to go. Even if you fail, even if you find yourself at a crossroads, don’t worry. You have made the best choice.

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Remember that you cannot know where your limits are without risks. Nobody is born knowing what they are good at, what they do wrong, what their weaknesses are… Nobody knows, but you learn by making mistakes and taking risks.

“Flying is an art; or rather a trick. The trick is to learn to fall on the ground and fail”

-Douglas Adams-

Even if you take a risk and fail, do not be intimidated to continue taking risks again and again. Think of the thrill of carrying out this risk. What if something goes wrong? It’s okay. Get up and opt for another possibility. Life is full of them, you’re the only one that sets your limits.

And if it goes well?

This is another one of the many options. Imagine the number of risks people take that go really well. Could you really live with the uncertainty of “what if…”? Taking risks will let you rule out options that would otherwise remain in your mind as a lost opportunity.

Sometimes we are not aware that sometimes to win you have to lose. We live with fear to face our own dreams because we do not believe in ourselves. Do you have something to lose? Take risks and learn to see your goals as something that if you want it you can achieve it.

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Nothing comes by itself. Remember that you have to fight for everything. The problem comes with the fear that makes us end our life repenting for all that we haven’t done and wanted to do. Surely you do not want that.

“We must take risks, follow certain paths and abandon others. No one is able to choose without fear”

-Paulo Coelho-

Do not stop thinking about your goal

In your mind there should be only one thing clear: your goal. After that, if you have to take a risk then just do it! If it has to go wrong so be it! But remember that it can also go well, but that’s something you won’t know unless you try.

Start taking risks today for what you truly want, without being afraid of anything, without being afraid of yourself and the mistakes you may make. Life is full of them, but they allow you to grow and learn. Make mistakes, take risks, live…

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