25 Wonderful Gifts from Our Dogs

25 Wonderful Gifts from Our Dogs

Last update: 26 September, 2015

When you talk about your dog as if it were a baby, when you cry because something is wrong with your dog, when you smile because dog is happy…people without dogs always say: It’s just a dog!

But they do not know how it feels when you are alone but your dog is always there. They do not know that dogs are the best living creatures that exist and, of course, they do not know the happiness dogs give us.

Because dogs show us love, friendship, and loyalty. People just are not the same without them!

Dogs have an extraordinary capacity for calming our minds and our bodies, quieting the soul in a subtly perceptible way. They are authentic and are guided by the emotional connection they form with us.


Because dogs have a special bond with their family, they connect very deeply with their caregivers. Their furry bodies are a blessing to us in thousands of ways. Today we collected a list of 25 of them.

1-  They help us close our emotional wounds. They are specialists in making us feel better and making us forget our pain, both bodily and otherwise.

2-  They are always at our side when we are sad … and when we are happy. They are happy just to share life with us.

3- It does not matter to them if we are rich, poor, tall, fat, or thin. They love us whatever our conditions.

4-  They do not have an ego and they do not care about social norms.

5- They never tire of playing!

6- Their love is inconditional and they love us over everything else, even over themselves.


7- They listen to us attentively, even though they may not understand our language.

8- And of course, we are never alone with them at our side and we always have someone to talk to.

9- At the same time, they also know that sometimes we need silence.

10- They make us smile every day with every detail, no matter how small it is.


11- They are always happy. Even on days when they are sick, they make the necessary effort to wag their tail and show their joy when they see us.

12- Not to mention that, even when you just leave the house on a short errand and come back 10 minutes later, you are always received with a level of joy and excitement as if you had been gone for years.


13- Their greatest joy is spending time with us.

14- They are our guardian angels. Even if they weigh 5 pounds they are incredibly brave. They would give their lives to protect you and make sure that nothing happens to you.

15- They become part of the family.

16- They specialize in surprising you: the way they contort their bodies in a new position every day, their ways of talking to you and begging for food, the noises they make, their expressions.


17- They become your personal trainer and obligate you to stay physically active. Every day you have to take them out for walks and to play; so, on average, you end up walking at least 2 hours more per week than people without dogs.

18- You share the same culinary taste. Your favorite food is also their favorite food.


19- They make you meet new people and develop new relationships. The human-canine world is the most friendly and fun.

20-  Dogs help control your stress levels, your mood, and your physical condition. They can even detect if you have cancer with their sense of smell .

21- They are specialists in giving kisses that will touch you in the depths of your soul.

22- They teach us to contemplate life responsibly.

23-. They are just as wonderful as children and, even more, great nannies. They can melt anyone’s heart with their perfect mix of goofiness and confidence.


24- “Friend” is a dog’s first name and “Loyalty” is its last name. A dog will be your best friend forever.

25- Your dog will help you stop looking for reasons to be unhappy and they will teach you that the most important thing about life is not the destination, but the journey!

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