If They Have Stopped Caring, Give Up

If They Have Stopped Caring, Give Up

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Give up on all of those situations that generate a discomfort within you. Give up on people that you have stopped mattering to. Giving up is difficult. It is a very important step in which we feel insecure and full of doubts. However, there are moments in which we are left with no other choice if we want to stop suffering.

It’s hard for us to let go of people that have been important to us. They no longer look in our direction, their goals and objectives in life have stopped coinciding with ours. What do they bring to the table now? Remaining tied to them will make us suffer and keep us from moving on. The smartest solution is to give up.

Giving up doesn’t always signify weakness. Sometimes it shows that you are strong enough to let go.

Give up, out of respect to yourself

How many times have we mentioned the beautiful metaphor about the train? The train on which we are the protagonists. Where some people get on and stay on, and others only stay on for a while. Some people will only receive a simple greeting from us. Others, on the other hand, will share in our journey, and we’ll establish a much deeper relationship with them.

What happens with these people who acquire an important meaning for us? We want to keep them on our train, keep them from getting off. But, we can’t force anyone to accompany us until the end. Many of these people will disembark, and this will hurt at first. But, in time you will understand that you have to learn to let go, because nobody belongs to you.


Clinging to a situation that isn’t going anywhere is going to cause you pain. You are giving all of yourself for a relationship that has no exit. We’ve always been told that you have to give without expecting anything in return. The problem is that when this turns into a constant, we run the risk of hurting ourselves. Crashing over and over into the same wall.

Giving up on someone is an act of self-love. You have to give yourself a chance to let the wounds of that unsuccessful relationship heal and scar over. This is the only way you’ll be able to meet new people and discover that there are people out there who will freely offer you a hand throughout your life.

I don’t know if I stopped mattering, if he sees me the same way

At times someone’s feelings can transform, but they don’t abandon us. This happens a lot in relationships where love has reduced to caring, but the two remain together despite this fact. Sometimes it’s because they don’t dare break up. They have “gotten used” to being together. Other times it’s because they think that it’s not the other person’s fault that they don’t love them anymore.


The problem with this situation is that both people end up suffering. One of them will feel empty because their partner doesn’t satisfy their needs. The other will feel tied down because they are with someone they no longer have feelings for. Thus, it is not uncommon for the signs of caring to be erased by feelings of frustration. The following signs indicate that everything is over:

  • They no longer worry about your needs, especially from an affective point of view. Displays of affection have been left behind. So, you start to feel alone and abandoned.
  • They ignore your ideas and opinions, so they start making decisions on their own. Most of the time, they act in accordance to the satisfaction of their own needs.
  • You are the one keeping the relationship above water. You give everything. If at some point you stop giving, knowing that you won’t receive anything in return, the relationship will have reached its end.
  • They have started to humiliate you, criticize you. The other person starts distancing themselves from you for no apparent reason. All of a sudden, the person who was your source of happiness has become your executioner.


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