4 Signs of Low Emotional Intelligence

4 Signs of Low Emotional Intelligence

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Having low emotional intelligence is a problem that can have a significant impact on every type of social relationship. Some experts even suggest that emotional intelligence can end up being more important than the intelligence quotient in determining success. Think about this: if there is a success that is really worth it, that really makes you happy, it is the one you achieve in your relationships with others.

This is why people with low emotional intelligence have so much trouble, precisely because their relationships with others are problematic and lacking a series of fundamental ingredients.

Characteristics of people with low emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence can end up playing an important role in the way we interact with others. With low emotional intelligence, it can be difficult to handle situations with coworkers, bosses, subordinates, friends, partners, family members, and any other person.

Having problems with emotional skills can make social situations very difficult and fill them with tension.

Friends Mad At Each Other

To identify a person with low emotional intelligence or determine if you yourself lack these skills, the following is a list of good indicators. If you see one of them in yourself, don’t worry. You will know what you can focus and work on to improve.

They do not understand how others feel

People with low emotional intelligence are strangers to the feelings of other people. Paradoxically, they feel like they are misunderstood and they think – whether it is true or not – that others do not make a good enough effort to understand then. This leads to them become more and more exasperated each day.

People with low emotional intelligence argue very often. Most of the time due to some sense of misunderstanding. One of the problems is that these people do not know how to correctly express their emotions, often channeling them in the form of anger, which gives rise to very complicated social situations.

They think others are too sensitive

Their inability to understand the emotions of others makes people with low emotional intelligence think that others are too sensitive towards their displays of anger, sadness, rage, and other reactions. This lack of empathy makes them remain insensitive and act improperly.

This way of reacting creates or complicates conflicts and gives rise to misunderstandings since people with low emotional intelligence are incapable of interpreting the reactions of others and as a result, they act inappropriately.

Sad Woman, Man Walking Away

On the other hand, by not being able to understand the feelings of others and thinking they are too sensitive, people with low emotional intelligence not only defend their own point of view tooth and nail, but they refuse to accept other points of view.

Furthermore, people with low emotional intelligence are often pessimistic and overly critical of the feelings of others.

They do not know how to manage strong emotions

Strong emotions , whether they are their own or someone else’s, are difficult for people with low emotional intelligence to understand. This is why these individuals tend to shy away from these kinds of situations, to avoid having to deal with the emotional consequences, hiding their true emotions.

But running away is not always an option. As a result, when the inability to regulate emotions becomes evident in tense situations, people with low emotional intelligence explode in excessive, uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

Angry Fists

They have a hard time maintaining any kind of relationship

Any personal relationship requires a constant give and take, listening skills, emotional exchange, and empathy. The more intimate the relationship, the more necessary this is, which also includes other skills like compassion or the ability to give emotional support.

The lack of social skills related to emotional intelligence makes these individuals have a hard time maintaining healthy relationships with those around them in all spheres of life. But as they are incapable of recognizing the cause of the problem, people with low emotional intelligence tend to feel like victims. This victimization does nothing but complicate their relationships even further.

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