The Hard Decision to Put an End to Something

The Hard Decision to Put an End to Something

Last update: 15 September, 2016

Sometimes we resist writing an ending to what, literally, “makes our life bitter.” Many of our unhealthy behaviors, relationships or thought patterns respond to a need: to avoid immediate discomfort. We avoid confrontation with reality by retreating in pain which seems therapeutic because it is a habit.

What happens is that this avoidance of pain sometimes leads to a vital disaster. We prolong relationships with people who humiliate us, or we are prisoners of habits that prevent us from getting closer to what we want in the long term. Sometimes we have to change ourselves and other times we must simply put an end to something. In other occasions, both.

Ending something

We must be aware of those aspects of our life are no longer beneficial. To decide whether we have reached a point of no return ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often does a person makes you feel bad? Being immersed in endless justifications and apologies from the other party is not a good sign.
  • What kinds of habits are causing you to submerge into a routine that is not suitable to achieve what you want in the short term and to face your current discomfort?
  • What patterns of thought cause you to be immersed in neuroticism?

The price of not establishing an end is high: it destroys your self-esteem. Sometimes it is inevitable that we get hurt and are let down. That is not within your control, but how you react when faced with this pain and with the aggressor will make a difference. If you continue giving chances or justifying behavior, you are undermining your self-esteem. You assume that you have lost control, not only in what you do but what you will do to yourself over and over again.

daring flying woman

It’s hard to put an end to something, but imagine not doing it

They can be toxic habits or relationships of many years, which you have allowed to consume you by continually boycotting your emotional well-being and your dreams. You can see that you are living in eternal unrest.

The time has come to be selfish in a healthy way. Cut to the chase with what hurts you and renew your control over your life…do not continue to boycott your dignity. Not recognizing when something needs to end will cause much more damage and after losing more time.

woman with a boat in her hair

If we do not put an end to that which is continually eroding, we’ll never find inner peace. Put an end to that which should have been finished shortly after it began.

-“You know something that will last forever?

-I’ve changed a lot.

– That much?


I have never had my heart so red.

It is good that our lives have several circles. But mine, my life has turned around only once and not with everything. It is missing the most important part.

I have written his name inside many times. And here, right now, I cannot close anything. I am alone.

I’ll stay here as long as it takes. I’m waiting for the chance of my life, the greatest, and that I have had many kinds. Yes. I could join my life by joining coincidences. The first and most important was the worst…”

-Lovers of the Arctic Circle-

Your life deserves a start whenever necessary

It is important to give ourselves license to start again without fear or guilt. In life everything transforms and changes and it is the way that we face these changes that determines whether we will thrive or live in eternal drama.

You can have many stories along your journey, but remaining in one longer than necessary hinders the healthy decision to travel on different paths. Repeating the same situations that cause you discomfort over and over again is not just masochism, it is giving a power over you to someone or something that should never have it.

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