When Someone Makes You a Better Person You Know They Should Be in Your Life

When Someone Makes You a Better Person You Know They Should Be in Your Life

Last update: 16 July, 2017

When a bond you have with someone makes you a better person that is a clear sign that the person should be in your life. They are souls that come into our personal story to create marvelous and enriching encounters between two biographies with different origins, experiences and ways of seeing the world.

They are people that are like a comforting balm and provide us with help, security and relief. People that make our load light and make life more fun. People whose embrace feels like home. Beautiful people, who radiate warmth and inner beauty.

People who make us understand that we aren’t rich until we have something that money can’t buy, something with a name, face, smell and feelings. People with whom we experience an unbreakable harmony that teaches us that this world is a good place that holds so many opportunities to learn.

I am me because you exist

Our biography is defined by ourselves and by others; that is to say our identity is formed by others too. So if we build relationships with beautiful people who offer us kindness, beauty, affection and knowledge, we will project the values and feelings generated by this exchange from within us.

That’s why there are people who become our place, our home, our heaven. When they come into your life you know they should be there because together you make each other better people. Together you weave an atmosphere of marvelous kindness around the light of emotional growth.

People who feel like home, those of stainless steel, are those people that hug you so tightly that all your pieces get put back together again, those that make all your fears and sorrows fall away. Those that teach you the good in life, showing you that the world is totally marvelous.

Connect well to comfort each other

There is no warmth more comforting than that of a deep and intense connection. Equally, it is impossible to know ourselves without contact with others. It is in this connection that we can begin to both water our plant and be nourished by it too. When we step into the journey of self-knowledge through a relationship:

  • We discover our strengths.
  • We complete our resources to face the challenges of life.
  • We enrich our skills for life.

We can’t define ourselves without understanding that those people who make an impact on us and accompany us in life soften our identity and make us better people. They are the match, the spark, needed to illuminate our qualities and develop our knowledge of life.

They protect us from falls, helping us to develop ever bigger wings. Restoring our dreams, mending our fears, choosing the sorrows that are worth living and letting go of the rest.

That’s why the people who we should stay with are those who hug us with words, see us with love, make our worst emotional wounds disappear and transform us. Through them come the smiles that mask our pain, mend us and help us to feel the warmth of perfection again.

In life it is marvelous to have people around us who are there for us precisely when we need it. That’s why those who stay and illuminate us even when we are in the shadows deserve to accompany us at times of great brightness too. They deserve our gratitude, warmth, affection and happiness. They deserve to be celebrated with dignity and appreciation, they deserve their reward. They deserve our recognition as people of stainless steel.

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