Ignoring Your Wounds Is a Mistake

Ignoring Your Wounds Is a Mistake

Last update: 08 January, 2017

We all have wounds, but none are alike. Some wounds are successfully overcome, while others need a little more time to heal.

Ignoring is not usually the best option. Covering the wound as soon as it occurs often causes it to get infected. Sooner or later, the wound will emerge and bleed again. It is true that if we wash and expose it from the beginning, it will bother us again but will also heal much sooner.

“The wounds do not mean that you lost, they mean that you cared enough to fight.”


Time does not heal your wounds

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Saying that “time will heal your wounds” is a lie that we are always told. In fact, time heals nothing if you have not applied the necessary care to the wound. It is clear that time is an ally, but only if the wound is closed properly.

How do I know that the wound is closed? When you do not store resentment, your wound has closed. You will know when you’re ready to take that time because you know that a door has been closed.

Don’t assume time will heal you. Sure, we have some examples from our life experience when we have tried to ignore the pain out of fear. However, ignoring a situation makes it go further and the cure ends up being much more costly in the end.

“Long ago I learned that to heal my wounds I needed to have the courage to confront them.”

-Paulo Coelho-

When you let time pass you just cover your wound with a bandage to not see it bleed. But you know that it’s bleeding and you should tend to it. As it hurts, as you try to cover it, you hope that time will do its part. You are highly mistaken.

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You should not distract yourself

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Distraction keeps us busy while we cover up or ignore what has made us suffer so much. But what happens when you are alone? What happens when you do not have plans that distract you?

Distraction just numbs us, while in our innermost self we know that we are suffering; that it hurts us. Remember that distraction is temporary and that sooner or later the pain will return to us again.

“Healing the wounds and moving on is not easy, but it is the way…”

-Paulo Coelho-

Do not distract yourself, face your pain. Nobody likes to face something that hurts, but it’s better to do it now than to prolong it until it comes out when you least expect it. Now is the time. Heal your wound.

You have to be strong

Of course you have to and you must be strong. Sometimes, some people that which affects the heart hurts more than that which affects the body. It’s normal.

You can be strong. You can be strong to hold on and not fall in to the temptation of distractions and time, because you know that this is not the best way out and when the pain comes back it will be even worse.

Haven’t you been told not to leave for tomorrow what you can do today? Well, you can apply it in this regard. If you can close that door today, do it. Do not leave it for tomorrow out of fear of “maybe …” or “perhaps …”.

“It has always been said that time heals all wounds. I disagree. The wounds remain. Over time, the mind, to preserve its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens, but never goes away.”

-Rose Kennedy-

Clearly, we always harbor hope and that is why it so difficult to let go of the traps of time and distraction. But what is it’s worth? In the end, you know what the outcome of everything will be.

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It is important that you stay away from everything that prevents you from sitting down and facing your wound. Every time you look at it, it will hurt and when you think about it, you will suffer. But do not worry. Be strong and endure. The pain will last much less if you face it now and do not procrastinate. It’s time to close your wounds.

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