Social Networks Could Be the End of Your Relationship

Social Networks Could Be the End of Your Relationship

Last update: 28 November, 2016

Gustavo Cerati once said that “seduction is almost never where you think” it will be. It seems like a similar effect occurs with social networks, which are not only tools of contact, but also of disconnection and the end of relationships.

Is it possible that social networks have become weapons of mass destruction in terms of relationships? According to different studies, it appears as though they have caused millions of divorces. This is not an exaggeration.

Let’s not forget that while we interact through social networks, we also make a large part of our lives public.  Facebook and Twitter feeds showcase the private worlds of millions of people.

In addition, social networks have become a powerful way to communicate with people. In Spain alone, there are more than 20 million Facebook users, which is almost half of the population. This is frightening if you think about the entire world. The number of users exceeds 1.5 billion people. It’s easy to see the power that social networks have over our lives. For many people, they have become indispensable.

“Talkers seduce, words direct us into corners.”

-Michael Ondaatje-

Divorces caused by social networks

Although many studies analyze the impact of social networks on our lives, we’re going to focus on one in particular, performed by a prestigious North American journal of psychology.

According to recent data, Facebook has been the cause of around 28 million divorces around the world. This might seem exaggerated, but just a few years ago, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers confirmed these figures when it established that Facebook was behind 20% of separations in the United States.

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So far we’ve focused on Facebook, since it’s the most important social network in the world today. But remember that there are many more: Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Some users have even used these to end their romantic relationships

Why do social networks trigger divorce?

If your relationship is rock solid and you have a sensible attitude towards social networks, nothing is going happen. This data isn’t necessarily reason for alarm. However, there are certain factors that influence the relationship between social networks and divorce.

We’re going to turn to data again, this time based on studies on the use of social networks to find casual or committed relationships. According to a prestigious journal, 58% of men and 80% of women surveyed use social networks to find dates.

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Apparently, couples who have reached a dead end in their relationship, who haven’t taken care of it, or who are simply unhappy for whatever reason, find in social networks a new way to meet people and enter into friendships that can turn into something more. But there are also more reasons:

  • The constant flow of other people’s information shows users that they have no reason to settle for an unhappy relationship. Social networks display a large number of attractive, flashy, compatible profiles. They’re a window into a world full of stimuli.
  • According to many different studies on relationships today, tolerance for facing problems has decreased. Today, with so much information, it’s easy to find other quick options instead of maturing the relationship and deepening feelings for one person in particular.
  • Insecurity is another strong factor that influences breakups. Excessive control over the other person is enhanced, because you can see their posts, the times they log on, their photos, and their interactions. This creates a certain distrust and fear that could end up hindering communication and mutual respect.
  • Constant exposure to other potential partners can be another reason. Maybe your relationship is very solid, but on social networks you can make contact with many people who are similar to you, in search of an adventure or a date. Many of them are very persuasive, which is why you have to make your intentions very clear to avoid falling into potentially dangerous webs.

“Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences.”

-Mike DiLorenzo-

It’s clear that social networks have changed our way of seeing the world, which includes romantic relationships. If they’re not treated with common sense and reason, they can provoke insecurity, fear, or sadness. So take care of the person you have by your side, and remember that social networks are mere entertainment, not a way of life.


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