Significant Relationships: Friendships Made of Laughter and Shared Burdens

Significant Relationships: Friendships Made of Laughter and Shared Burdens
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Significant relationships are measured by the depth of the marks they leave, by shared feelings, by how you walk beside each other in good times and bad. They’re the wonderful relationships not measured in years but in quality.

These are relationships that make us feel warm right away. They don’t take a whole day to decipher. We don’t have to look at them twice, and they don’t have bad intentionsMeaningful relationships are the ones that stay; they do not leave. They don’t judge, they don’t look for excuses or generate sadness. Really, they say things like they are and in just the right way. They support you and help you to tear down the walls tormenting you.

meaningful relationships: women in old-fashioned swimsuits.

There is nothing as wonderful as sharing a warm look with someone who really knows you

You know what we mean. There’s nothing as wonderful as the warmth you feel when you share a look with someone who gets you. They have the power to teleport you to your home, to a rainy night in your bed, to an intimate conversation.

We cannot handle life or fix the world with just anyone. We do it with a patchwork of friendships made up of shared laughter. Shared times that taste like freshly brewed coffee, at hours that disappear like magic from the hands of our watch. These are the people who have given us roots, the ones who make us see what we sow. Because the best emotions are about belonging and staying in one place for a reason.


Long-distance friends.

Sincere love never ends, it is unconditional

In the evolution of life, the vast majority of adults have learned that there are friendships that end, selfish relationships that do not allow growth. These are liquid relationships without a foundation and based on obsolete, perishable interests.

Anyone who has experienced something like this will know that true friendships we count on the fingers of one hand. We all know the feeling of being involved with someone who is self-centered and won’t invest in a friendship.

That’s why all wonderful affection is much more than the sum of the parts. It is the confluence of learning, of words spoken and of sincerity and edifying trust. It is all this that makes a person grow.

Because if we had to say that there is one test of a significant relationship, it’s this: whether you are a happier person with fewer fears because of them. Whether someone has left a fingerprint on your heart.


Old friends sharing coffee and sweets in a fort with books.

Significant relationships need us, and we need them

We don’t need anyone in our life who treats us as if they don’t need us. Feeling that we can rely on the other and that we can help the person we love is one of the best feelings that exist. It’s part of the foundation of meaningful relationships.

Transitory relationships are built casually in our lives and do not stick. However, having someone who knows our ghosts, our fears and our demons is what binds us to life. Because knowing that someone is not afraid of staying by our side despite everything means knowing that they love us even when we’re not always right. It anchors us, helps us understand that mistakes are part of life and that it’s not worth getting stuck in them.

That’s why meaningful relationships are those hold on to us. They make us understand that life is not as dark as our ghosts make us believe. They give us reasons to be better people. Our anxiety is cut in half when we share life with them.

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