Differences Between Interesting and Self-Centered People

June 9, 2017

Interesting people share knowledge, experiences and good vibes. Unlike self-centered individuals, interesting people do not demand: they offer.

They offer quality time. They do not demand minutes from your watch nor days from your calendar. They arrive at the perfect  time in your life and stay in it. They do not seek your undivided attention, they simply grasp it and they do not feel threatened by your relationships with others. They feel happy you have others to rely on in your life, and  in the process that brings you happiness.

The main difference between these two types of individuals is quite obvious. They aren’t people who simply claim to care; they truly show it. Those who, in times of trouble, simply choose to stay. Those who with just a look, embrace either your happiness or your discomfort.

The people who are not self-centered neither create a void nor judge us.  They are not consumed by jealousy. They forgive and forget our flaws.

There are lots of interesting people but there are also plenty of self-centered ones. Many just want to speak, but also many want to listen. Many criticize while others understand…

When someone brings  out the best of you, you know they must become a part of your life. If being with someone makes you a better version of yourself , this is a clear indicator that person must remain in your life. To develop a special connection and to know we are loved is utter magic.

When we are surrounded by interesting people, life’s burdens become less heavy. The road turn out to be more enjoyable.

Self-centered people harm the relationship making poor choices and dissonant feelings. They do this with a fast indifference that leaves our taste buds savoring a bitter flavor.  Flavors we need to replace at all cost. It is about renewing sensations, drowning pain, properly mourning, releasing expectations and embracing reality.


Expectations bring along disappointment

There are people who disappoint us and there are others we disappoint. This is unavoidable. It is important to  understand that relationships and our expectations of them are ever changing .

Therefore, to overcome disappointment, we need to get rid of expectations and allow relationships to flow. When we stop creating these obstacles for ourselves, we realize everything is simpler. We can kiss our neediness goodbye and stop carrying those heavy stones in our backpack.

The ultimate goal is to center our expectations in ourselves and not on others, otherwise we will be opening the door to deception and to misjudgment. Disappointment results in a lack of trust leading to undesirable emotions and unhealthy attitudes.

We can’t tolerate uncertainty in our relationships. That is why the only antidote to feeling left in the cold and  disappointed is to work on our fears and deepest emotions in such a way  our happiness does not depend on others.

It is very hard to live with the fear that the one you love could stop loving you back. That fear is accompanied by insecurities and misconceptions.

The fact that someone is not constantly at your beck and call or is not as attentive as you would be,  does not mean he/she does not love you. It is simply a reaffirmation that you are different individuals.

On the other hand,  if a person never shows care or attentiveness this has nothing to do with lowering expectations. It has everything to do with a true lack of respect and interest. Fortunately or unfortunately experience is the only thing that can provide us with this lesson.

The best way to cure and protect us from disappointments is to separate ourselves from our expectations and rigid ideas. Not everyone is good or perfect. It is our reaction to this that establishes how we value what could be a determinant factor.