If They Love You, They'll Make You Coffee

If They Love You, They'll Make You Coffee

Last update: 28 July, 2022

They say that good coffee is a hug trapped in a cup. Therefore, those who really love you will prepare you a cup that is sweet and piping hot. So that you may find some relief and perspective to your problems. When you take that first sip, part of your worries will melt away like the steam coming from that fabulous, dark and vital drink.

Oftentimes, it is said that life is that which begins after a good cup of coffee. The same was probably thought in the monasteries in Yemen in the 15th century. There, according to various historical documents, they started grinding the beans in order to obtain an extraordinary drink which they called gahhwat al-bun (wine of the bean) and which later was shortened to gahhwat.

“Coffee helps who sleeps too little and also those who sleep too much.”

Nowadays, this “diabolical” drink is an indisputable part of our daily diet. Coffee is also the motivation behind an almost magical ritual upon which a whole set of psychological dynamics is built. These are gifted with incredible benefits for our physical and emotional health.

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