If They Love You, They'll Make You Coffee

12 June, 2017

They say that good coffee is a hug trapped in a cup. Therefore, those who really love you will prepare you a cup that is sweet and piping hot. So that you may find some relief and perspective to your problems. When you take that first sip, part of your worries will melt away like the steam coming from that fabulous, dark and vital drink.

Oftentimes, it is said that life is that which begins after a good cup of coffee. The same was probably thought in the monasteries in Yemen in the 15th century. There, according to various historical documents, they started grinding the beans in order to obtain an extraordinary drink which they called gahhwat al-bun (wine of the bean) and which later was shortened to gahhwat.

“Coffee helps who sleeps too little and also those who sleep too much.”

Since its discovery, nobody has been indifferent to its effects, its vitalizing action. Nobody can ignore that welcome energy and intoxicating aroma capable of creating authentic caffeine addictions. Its effect was so disquieting, that when it arrived in Europe in the 17th century, it astonished the Catholic priests. They didn’t hesitate to call it “the bitter invention of Satan”.

Nowadays, this “diabolical” drink is an indisputable part of our daily diet. Coffee is also the motivation behind an almost magical ritual upon which a whole set of psychological dynamics is built. These are gifted with incredible benefits for our physical and emotional health.

Today is this article we would like to reflect upon these benefits. Would you join us?

coffee cup and outline cats

Coffee and depression

Coffee does not provide happiness, but it does generate the ideal conditions so that we may experience it. This idea might seem a bit exaggerated, but analyzing some data is enough for us to reach this same conclusion. According to a study published in 2011 in the journal “Archives of Internal Medicine”, the regular consumption of coffee (3 daily cups), reduces the rate of depression.

Now, here comes a nuance that made this study even more interesting: the data was only significant for women. In the case of men, regular coffee consumption was many times linked to an increase in anxiety. However, for the female gender, its impact on their emotional health was very positive.

The reason behind this difference in genders resides in the actual ritual built around coffee and its consumption. Women, on average, are more likely to meet at a bakery, to take a much desired and deserved break along with a good cup of coffee while they facilitate emotional relief among themselves. The cups on the table are merely an excuse to maintain that empathetic communication. One that is so beneficial and which allows them to put their problems into perspective, heal sadness, fears, worries, etc.

three women having coffee

Life and its worries are suddenly held back by an invisible wall. They are separated from that table in which a group of women create a fabulous refuge of intimacy. Coffee acts as a stimulant for our cerebral chemistry. Hence, it promotes the release of certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. Nevertheless, we are the ones, impulsed by its effects, give it its authentic therapeutic and healing value.

A cup of coffee with someone you love

“Come on. Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk.” This phrase, which is so common in our lives, holds within it much more than a simple encounter or the consumption of this drink which used to be referred to as “diabolical”. Agreeing to meet and have some coffee has a motive and an objective, and it’s none other than to reinforce the bonds with people who are important to us.

“Coffee smells like freshly-ground heaven.

If we really think it through, the complex rumor of our society is marked by hurries, pressures and objectives to accomplish. It leaves us little space to be aware of the here and now. Most of the time we limit ourselves to performing activities which we could define as “maintenance”. This includes getting dressed, eating, driving, riding the bus, waiting in line, working, coming back home…

Drinking some coffee with someone is a sensational way of breaking this neutral and aseptic vital flow. It implies clinging tightly to the present in order to take delight in a meaningful, healing and energetic moment. Because sharing good, albeit brief, moments, is a great way of enjoying the present and giving it meaning.

girl napping next to coffee cup

Do it, coffee is even better with company

In order to convince you of the extraordinary benefits of having some coffee in good company, we invite you to reflect for a moment upon these simple ideas.

  • Drinking coffee stimulates the production of endorphins. This way, we favor that emotional connection with our loved ones even more. We create a circle of well-being which sends positive feedback to our mental equilibrium.
  • Sharing good moments on a daily basis next to a cup of coffee allows us to invest in that cognitive reserve which guarantees the good health of our brain.
  • In moments of difficulty, of vital anguish or stress, before we lock ourselves in a room or bathroom to cry in silence, make some coffee. Agree to meet up with someone to have a cup of coffee. Prepare a good, piping hot cup, and communicate. Put all of your worries into audible words in order to find comfort. Find it in that person who always knows how to listen to you like you deserve.

Experts indicate that we can drink up to 3 cups of coffee per day. It would be lovely if we could regularly share one of these cups with good, close friends. With those true friends who can dissolve the worries of our being with the sugar that is their hearts. Those who help us see new perspectives within that warm and always revealing surface of a good cup of coffee.