This Short Will Help You Truly Understand Depression

This Short Will Help You Truly Understand Depression

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Depression is a very common psychological disorder, and no person is free of suffering it at any given time in their life. It is therefore essential that people learn more about it and how it can be identified. Since, when detected on time, we can prevent it from taking over.

This disorder affects many people around the globe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression affects more than 350 million people, and is the world’s leading cause of disability. We currently have access to effective treatments for depression and it’s vital to identify and treat it on time with the help of a professional.

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One of the disorder’s main characteristics is how it affects the mood of each individual. A person suffering from depression may be unmotivated, and display a lack of interest in doing things they used to enjoy and find pleasurable. Being profoundly sad is often mistaken for being depressed. However, depression is composed of many more symptoms and is much more dysfunctional.

“The sun at noon darkens and mutes the music of dawn when there is sadness in my heart.”

– Edward Young –

Sadness is not depression

Confusion can occur on both sides of the spectrum: on one side, people who are going through depression often think they are in a state of sadness, and do not think it’s of any importance. And on the other, when a person is sad about what they’re going through in the moment, the tendency is to think they are depressed.

In both cases it is necessary to understand what depression really is.

Sadness is a necessary emotion and signals that something important is happening in our lives. It develops naturally in certain circumstances, and often has the effect of causing us to get in touch with ourselves more deeply.

“In the middle of winter, I finally found an invincible summer was in me.”
-Albert Camus

What happens when depression rolls around?

Depression, besides requiring a great deal of personal work, also requires professional intervention by a psychologist. When depression creeps into our lives, it influences and hinders all the areas in which we operate; work, family, social life, etc.

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As we see in the short “Fallin’ Floyd”, when a person is depressed they experience symptoms such as poor concentration, sleep and appetite disturbances, prolonged fatigue, hopelessness, lack of motivation and low self-esteem.

Detecting the symptoms of this disorder as early as possible helps us to avoid suffering longer than necessary, and makes it so the problems do not become chronic. If depression is not attended to in time by a professional, it can become more resistant, increasing its severity.

Understanding depression

Understanding this disorder facilitates the entire process so that the person with depression does not feel misunderstood. So they can take charge of the process, allow themselves to be helped and avoid isolating themselves further, worsening the symptoms even further.

Allowing yourself to be helped is an act of bravery, acceptance and self-respect.

This short shows us, through the main character and his companion (depression, characterized by a black spot), some of the characteristic symptoms and deterioration that occur in his life, until finally falling into an abyss.

Finally, we see how he regains his passion, where he re-learns how to do the things he loves, recovers his sense of enjoyment and motivation, and rediscovering his desire to live. Recovering not only his joy, but the opportunity to regain control over his life.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”




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