The Mind’s Power over Health

· June 3, 2016

The mind manages the functioning of all of our internal mechanisms. That is, the functioning of our organs, and even the most automatic and instinctive processes.

So if the mind has the capacity to direct, manage, coordinate, and make us function, it has a lot to do with our physical health.

power of mind

Two minds

You could say that we have “two minds:” the “conscious mind,” which is rational and analytical, and the “subconscious mind.”

That’s why, even though we want to feel well, it often seems like our desire does not correspond with our internal state, and on the contrary, we start to feel bad. It feels like we don’t have control over our minds, our thoughts, or our bodies.

While the conscious mind wants everything to go well, the subconscious mind activates alert signals, fear, and reactions that make us feel out of control, like we’re failing at the initial goal of everything going well.

In the subconscious mind, strong emotional experiences are guarded, and they activate memories, emotions, mental blocks, and interference in the face of situations that remind us of previous traumatic experiences, even though we’re not aware of it.

When we live through an emotionally intense experience, our subconscious mind will recognize other situations that are related to it as dangerous, and it will activate alert signals, causing us to feel overwhelmed and upset, even though the present situation isn’t actually dangerous.

Our minds have the ability to create well-being or distress, even though we’re not aware that we’re doing it. Health is a state of feeling well, both physically and psychologically. And feeling well depends on how effectively our minds manage the circumstances that life presents us.

Mental programming

The mind programs itself with messages that it receives since infancy, as well as what we constantly tell ourselves throughout our lives.

And our well-being depends on how the mind programs itself, since we’ve learned to react and feel a certain way about certain situations and relationships.

Mental programming often occurs in the subconscious mind, and that’s what creates problems that manifest physically in our bodies.

man thinking

Mental reprogramming

To make a change, it’s necessary to “reprogram” your mind, or discover the reasons why your mind generates attitudes, symptoms, development, thoughts, and feelings of well-being.

This is possible through psychotherapy, with cognitive restructuring techniques, or with hypnosis, among many other interventions. Through these methods, we can discover the erroneous programming in the subconscious mind that causes distress and illness.

If the mind has the power to direct the functioning of the body, it can obviously do so correctly, in a way that promotes good health, if we learn how to do it.

So it’s important to discover where your subconscious mind creates emotional blocks and unblock them, so you can let healthy emotions, attitudes, and feelings flow.

The power of the mind over health

Taking control over your own health involves looking deep inside your mind. Because the subconscious mind isn’t easily accessible, it’s important to utilize the access that our conscious, logical, analytical minds provide us, while also observing the emotions that emerge in the process.

To start, we must communicate positive and realistic messages with ourselves, using our present abilities:

  • “I can do it.”
  • “I know how to do it.”
  • “I will be healthy.”
  • “My body can return to equilibrium.”
glowing brain

And in a conscious, logical, rational, and intentional way, these messages will guide our minds on the path towards good health, and we’ll regain the power to direct our minds, discovering and remembering the internal abilities we have to return to a healthy equilibrium.