This Short Film Teaches the Values of Childhood

This Short Film Teaches the Values of Childhood

Last update: 26 April, 2016

Do you remember what the values of your childhood were? Think about it, and free yourself for a moment from your worries, responsibilities, and tensions of today. Withi n the innocence of childhood reside the values that give the greatest sense of meaning to life. These are essential values that, in adulthood, tend to be treated carelessly and forgotten.

The frenetic  rhythm of modern life carries with it many responsibilities and obligations that, little by little, deteriorate the quality of life. These may hold you back from doing what you really want to do. They may limit your hopes and dreams, leaving you in state of existential emptiness and dissatisfaction.

Are you dedicating your time to what you really need, to what you want, and to what gives meaning to your life?

There are many questions that arise upon reflection of this, all that lead to the realization that what is really needed is a change of perspective. Most people usually avoid questioning what they do. This is because they are concentrated on what they think they should do and what they have to do, as if they did not have any other options.


Living is much more than just breathing 

Learning to discover and feel true happiness is easier said than done. Most of the time, this ability is learned in childhood. It takes no time for a child to be filled with natural and spontaneous wonder upon the discovery of anything in the natural world. In childhood, you can find joy and amusement in anything, like watching bugs scuttle around, staring out at the rain for hours, or losing track of time playing games, imagining, discovering, and exploring.

The ability to enjoy life and live with high hopes for the future is learned in childhood. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose this ability as one enters adulthood; it becomes “unlearned”.  In its place goes whatever is deemed best for one’s adult life.

However, is the path that you are on really the best one for you? Often, it must be changed and adapted to meet the expectations of others, and to follow what others say is the best for your future. You have believed in it, but never questioned it.

You have walked a path full of impositions, losing your authentic ability and essence to be happy.

Reclaiming the values of childhood 

By questioning life, you are, in turn, resetting your path to lead in the direction you want, and to get there how you want to get there. Are you forgetting about your happiness? Here is the first step towards regaining it. Let’s reflect…

father daughter dancing values

It is true that adulthood brings many responsibilities and obligations, and more often than not those responsibilities are given too much importance. When this happens, it means your attention and energy is poured into issues that are not part of your creative potential. The ability to reinvent, discover, and amaze yourself is lost.

Reclaiming the values of childhood means questioning the life you lead, rediscovering hope, respecting and responding to your own needs, and paying more attention to the little things. It means learning to enjoy taking the time to discover all that you are passionate about.

Discover your passion, dedicate to it some of your time, and allow yourself to enjoy it. With this you will find greater meaning in your life.

Learning from childhood

You have the chance to recover values like innocence, amazement,  curiosity, kindness, happiness, etc… If you observe and reflect carefully and thoughtfully, you can learn a lot from children. From their spontaneity and passion for the things they like, to their tendency to make a game out of anything and always enjoy it.

“Childhood has its own way of seeing, thinking, and feeling; there is nothing more foolish than to expect to substitute them for ours.” 

-Jean Jacques Rousseau- 

This excellent short film that shows a dialogue between a father and his daughter demonstrates how much parents influence their children, turning them into mini adults and causing them to leave behind their childhood too soon. This happens when, in reality, the adults are the ones who should make the effort to catch a little bit of their outlook and learn from their kind of wisdom.

There is no one better than a child to teach you to enjoy the present moment, to learn how to play, and to find satisfaction in everything you do.

“If your life doesn’t let you play, dance, and live each day… change it.” 

Enjoy this charming short film and reflect on its wonderful message!


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