The Seven Logs: Common Challenges We All Face in Life

December 28, 2015

Life is full of challenges, and none of us is exempt. Situations we run into impose vital challenges that often end in disappointment. Those who seek their own happiness tend to overcome such challenges and improve their future life situations.

Though each of our individual situations is different, there are some common life situations that create suffering and challenges for many of us, but through which we also learn and become stronger.

“With the logs of life, I have built my cabin.”

— Popular phrase

1. Family relationships

Unfortunately, not everyone can count on their own homes as a first line of stability and refuge. Many home situations may have been negative or toxic environments.  If you are one of those people who didn’t grow up in the best environment, don’t despair; you have the ability to reshape your future. In your own home, focus on creating a healthy, stable, loving environment.

2. Disappointments in love

Few people can say that they found the love of their lives on the first try and everything went as expected. Most people have gone through several romances and heartbreaks.

Deception in love can lead us to be distrusting, but by allowing our fear to get the better of us we’re denying ourselves the possibility of finding a partner who fits with us.

That is why it’s so important to avoid this; don’t choose victimization after a breakup. Turning your back on love, aside from renouncing to its risks, also means voluntarily giving up on all the positive things which it can bring to our lives.

woman with horse

3. Disappointments in friendships

Who hasn’t had one of those friends who, instead of treating you like a friend, was someone toxic who would steal your moments of peace? Becoming aware of that is painful, and undoubtedly it becomes one of many “splinters” in our lives.

Learn from your disappointments, but don’t turn your back on the warmth and intimacy of having a true friend. Social relationships are a basic and necessary element for our stability.

4. Academic or career disappointments

Academic or career disappointments make us question ourselves and can be damaging to our self-esteem. For example, maybe you thought you would reach a certain goal, and if you haven’t yet you may see it as a failure.

Instead of getting down on yourself, take these moments as opportunities for learning and growth. Have you pushed yourself hard enough? Did you have trouble concentrating? Too many things going on at the same time? Undoubtedly, if you analyze the situation surrounding the disappointment, you will be able to see and understand what you must work on in order to be more organized and improve your past results.

“If the body can eat things that are unhealthy and turn them into energy, the soul can learn to do the same with the negative experiences of the heart. One can learn from everything.”

— Oscar Wilde

5. Health issues

Unfortunately, health is not usually valued until it is lost. Only once we see ourselves become weak do we start wondering why we complained so much when we were healthy. But health problems help us to understand what’s really important in life.

6. Financial crises

The economy nowadays is not in its best state, and for some people this has been particularly difficult. You may not have hit financial ruin, but have seen how your savings have been slipping away.

This is a difficult situation because it conditions other areas in life, as well. Maybe you have been dealing with this very issue recently; with time you will recognize the value of your material provisions, and you will learn to plan ahead.

7. Existential crisis

Those “I don’t know who I am” or “Where am I going?” type of questions and sensations constantly run through our minds. Don’t worry, undoubtedly you have come to appreciate the calm after the storm. All these questions you have fought to resolve have taught you, made you more adventurous, and filled you with truth.

In any and all disappointments…Keep your eyes on the road, straight ahead. Fill yourself with strength, not anger. You will be well on your way to building up a strong emotional cabin, a firm fortress with strong foundations.