Seek To Be Happy Without a Story, Not A Story With A Happy Ending

Seek To Be Happy Without a Story, Not A Story With A Happy Ending
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Tales of princesses pervade the collective unconscious when we talk about love. But we don’t need to eat partridges to be happy or to end the story with “and they lived happily ever after.” We don’t need a story with a happy ending. We must seek to be happy without stories, not a story with a happy ending.

What we need is to live happily in our own way, build independent relationships, create our destiny. Don’t choose prince charming or princesses living in rose-colored worlds. There are already too many illusions. Love is not the way Disney painted it or like the fairy tales as we wanted to believe.

woman eyes closed

You dropped your crown, princess

You dropped your crown from crying so much, princess. Toads do not turn into princes. They never did. The princes no longer take you flying, and they are not going to rescue you from the dragon and or give you kisses that bring you back to life.

What’s so great about being a princess, anyway? Now women can be engineers, not dolls. Who wants to stay locked away in a castle tower? Why not choose to be strong, independent, empowered.

Tear up your gown. Fly with the birds and forget about stepmothers and enchanted carriages. Don’t give up and don’t accept your destiny, choose it. Question everything, do not live in a story, seek to be happy.

woman with mirror giving example

Exchanging Prince Charming for the wolf

It makes little sense to be a woman of porcelain who is fragile and delicate. Flying with a broom is much better. Say goodbye to the naivete and innocence, and hello to cleverness, shrewdness and emotional independence.

“Forget Prince Charming. Find a wolf  that will see you better, hear you better and eat you better”

-Raquel Sanchez Silva in “I Exchange A Prince For A Bad Wolf”-

Do not die waiting for the prince to come. Be a witch, play with dragons, feed toads and cook up your best brews of self-love in your cauldron. Prioritize yourself.

And you, Prince, get rid of your cape and your sword. You do not need to fight the dragon and rescue the princess. You’re not happy, you’re just in love. You are not made of steel, you are of flesh and blood.


No, you do not have to save the world from others before you save yourself. You are also entitled to gifts, care and emotions. Become a wolf. Armor weighs a ton, and you know it.

You don’t have to go through life protecting yourself. Allow yourself to feel and explore. Rescue yourself and do not feel obligated to go from castle to castle, or to cross the seven seas in search of a marriage and the blessing of overprotective kings.

Don’t seek haunted castles with dungeons for the wicked. Don’t seek walls or colored plains. Let’s look for eyes that make us feel dizzy, that turn our hearts upside down and that make us fall in love with smiles. But the smiles they put on our faces.

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Fairy tales are always stories with a happy ending and that’s not what we want. We do not want eternal love stuffed with magical destinies or banquets or partridges. What really makes us happy is living the way we want, full of freedom and madness.

That’s why we do not have to find a story with a happy ending, but be happy without stories. Without expectations. Without wizards. Without crowns. Without frogs. The only spell we need to know is that of self-love, because only then can we demand a path of stars.


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