Regaining Confidence After Infidelity

Regaining Confidence After Infidelity

Last update: 12 October, 2016

One of the acts that may undermine confidence in ourselves is being the victim of infidelity by our partner. When this happens we feel inferior, lose confidence in ourselves, we do not value ourselves as we should and we think that it is our fault. But it is not impossible to regain trust after infidelity. If our partner has failed us, what else can go wrong?

Eliminate negative thoughts as soon as possible

After suffering infidelity, it is important to see the situation with perspective and prevent ourselves from being invaded by bad thoughts. The first thought to avoid is the idea that the situation is our fault. If we don’t, we become more insecure. The sooner you are aware that the cheater is the one responsible, the sooner you can overcome your fears and continue with your life in a healthy way.

The reason for infidelity

It is common for infidelity to occur when one of the members of the couple seeks to solve their problems outside the relationship. These problems are usually lack of confidence, low self-esteem, a very dominant personality, wanting to feel desired, etc. When one of the parties has come into the relationship with unsolved problems, it is very easy for infidelity to occur.

To have a healthy relationship, we must first solve all relationship problems, talk things out and be free to give our opinion. When we pay attention we can see that the infidelities are not isolated cases as we tend to think. Even models and very beautiful actresses have experienced infidelity, so avoid thinking that it is your fault.

What to do after infidelity?

Many people will advise you on what to do to feel good after going through a situation of infidelity, but just simple things such as going for a drink with friends, spending a day shopping, giving yourself a treat, a new look, can help. You can also practice your hobbies, what you are good at or what you couldn’t do because you ex-partner didn’t like it. These things can help you regain that confidence that you thought you lost. Moreover, they can help you see yourself with new eyes and to value yourself again.

It is common to feel destroyed after infidelity, which is why the company of your friends and family who love you the most will help you move forward and remind you how valuable you are to yourself. Look for the  people who best understand you and ask them for company. Do not be afraid. Remember that they will be there with you because they love you.

Another thing that can be really useful is changing: a new look, a change of wardrobe, registering for a new course, going to a foreign place, etc. This will help you realize that you are still you and you can still do things that interest you without needing your partner. And you can see how valuable you are again.

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