Have You Reached the Comfort Zone with Your Partner?

Have You Reached the Comfort Zone with Your Partner?

Last update: 06 December, 2016

At the beginning of a relationship both sides strive to present the best version of themselves, so much so that love and intimacy seem to be a mere matter of inertia. However, as time passes and the couple gets closer and closer, as they feel more comfortable with each other, the “true” self of each one begins to emerge.

At this point, trust, security and comfort allow us to experience the relationship in another dimension. For some this step can be an unpleasant discovery, a real disappointment. For others it means starting to live the relationship in a more profound and authentic way.

But when is this comfort zone reached in the relationship? What signs indicate that this has happened?

The comfort zone in relationships

This comfort zone may sound a bit negative. It sounds boring, stagnant, lacking in emotion. Who would not want to feel emotions and butterflies in their stomach during the first months, the first times or the first discoveries!?


However, getting here requires time. You also enjoy those moments of trust, when you discover that you feel completely comfortable and free with your partner. In fact, if you do not reach that comfort zone it is difficult to deepen and advance in relationships.

Knowing if you have reached that comfort zone can help you to value fundamental aspects of your relationship and make important decisions about the future.

How to know that the comfort zone has been reached

Recently, an investigation revealed that relationships reach their comfort zone after 11 months and 24 days. After analyzing about 2,000 heterosexual couples, researchers found that it takes almost a year to get accustomed to sharing life and space with another person.

According to this research, some of the key signs that the comfort zone has been reached in a relationship include, for example, allowing your partner to see you without “fixing yourself up,” seeing you when you are sick, or not closing the door when you’re in the bathroom. But they are not the only ones.


This study also found that a person who reaches the comfort zone with their partner is able to talk openly with them about issues as delicate as their breath smelling bad or that they could use some deodorant without the other person feeling offended. Undoubtedly, they are topics that require a lot of confidence, both to say it with love and to endure it from another.

The study also revealed that a significant number of the couples studied (about one-third), one partner became comfortable too soon, which made the curtain fall prematurely, thus losing the illusion of a perfect relationship (one we know that does not exist, but we do not resist to stop craving). The study also revealed that, for the most part, men become comfortable more quickly.

According to this study, other signs that reveal that a relationship is in the comfort zone are related to the type of clothing that is used (for example, to be in workout clothes at home or wearing underwear), as well as other personal aspects (such as not being so concerned about hair removal or shaving or having no qualms about shaving or being shaved by their partner).

Relationships also begin to reach a point of comfort when the couple discuss delicate health issues, telling their most secret obsessions or not minding to cry in the presence of the other person. Other issues like talking about marriage or children or speaking freely and comfortably about previous relationships are also signs that a relationship is going well.


Feeling comfortable for a lasting relationship

Research says that these signals not only indicate that you have reached a comfort zone, but are a clear sign that the relationship will last a long time.

According to researchers, some might say that these signs in a relationship can signal the end of the romance, but it is a good sign that you feel comfortable in the presence of your partner and you can share any topic or concern with them without fear of being judged.

Isn’t that what we are all looking for? If you do not feel comfortable with your partner after a while, maybe it’s time to rethink some things.

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