You Played With My Heart and Ended Up Losing Me

08 May, 2017

You played around with my heart and ended up losing me. You bet my heart in a match that you thought would be fun, and you ended up making us both suffer for love. Because if you treat love like a game of chance, luck may end up making you pay the price.

You decided that with me you were going to simply have a good time. Therefore, you thought that by acting like a gentleman, you might manage to close the deal. That you would enchant me with your lovely words and empty promises. That way, you would obtain what you wanted. But, due to destiny’s surprises, a destiny which you cannot control, now you’ve had to swallow your own words.

Because all of the promises, empty from the start, changed their meaning as my smiles got bigger. You liked being by my side but then everything you played around for got out of hand. And the question arrived, a question with no logical answer, it was simply a whim: Why did you play with my heart?

“Don’t deceit a real woman. Don’t kiss her without caring about her, don’t use her without loving her. You should treat a real woman as if she were truth itself. As if she was time, as if life were to end with every kiss.”
Mind of Brando