Each Person Who Passes Through My Life Is a Part of My Story

Each Person Who Passes Through My Life Is a Part of My Story

Last update: 24 February, 2018

Every person who’s made an appearance in my life is a character in my story. The person I am today is really a collection of the big and little things they’ve given me — including their time.

And it’s all left its mark on me some way or another. Some of them I remember often while others are forgotten, but they make me who I am today. That’s why, if I could change anything from the past or make other decisions, I wouldn’t be the same person. Because everything that has happened to me has gotten me where I am.

Everything will make me grow: everything makes it into my story

The fact that everything that passes through my life leaves its mark doesn’t mean it’s always pleasant and positive. Sometimes, I’ll get lucky and walk alongside someone who fills me up, but other times I may bump into someone I don’t want walking with me or letting into my story, but I have to anyway.

One way or another, everything that happens makes me growWhether they be positive experiences and magical encounters or negative experiences and unpleasant goodbyes. Everything that happens contributes to my story, including negative things. After all, without them I wouldn’t know what I do want in my life.

My story: a path through a starry sky.

My story: I get to decide how to interpret my life

The important thing is how I position each experience in my story. What do I do with what’s happened to me? How do I integrate it into who I am? Do I adapt and grow? Or, on the contrary, do I stop and let it drag me down? How do I choose to see things?

This last question is a good one. Because if I allow myself to be defined by criticism I will end up shattered to pieces. And if I only allow good, positive things into my story, I will be living in an unreal world. On the other hand, if I am capable of finding a balance between both extremes, I will see who I really am.

All this leads me to think that, even knowing I’m the culmination of the people and experiences of my life, it is me who gets to organize the pieces to make myself into who I want to beSo, I’ll try to put the things that make me feel better first, and I’ll learn to use the rest to make me stronger and to understand what it is that makes me unhappy. Maybe I’ll be able to use it to help others, too.

Everything I’ve gone through is a part of my story

Also, over time, I’ve been able to understand that each time I meet someone or I find myself in a new situation, I discover a totally new part of myself. My relationships show me more about what I’m like than what they’re like, and the same happens when I do new things. It’s an extraordinary thing to think about!

“When properly understood, everything that happens to us leads us to ourselves”

-Carl Jung-

An open book.

So I regret nothing. Not the decisions I made nor the people I left behind because everything I have gone through is a part of my story. When I get something wrong, I can either live in the past and spend my time trying to undo it, or learn to see my mistakes as just a chapter in my story and keep writing new ones. I choose the latter. Because I would rather be who I am now — a collection of stories — and pick the color I want to write my life with.

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