I Like People Who Leave Marks Not Scars

I Like People Who Leave Marks Not Scars

Last update: 08 June, 2017

I like people who leave marks and do not need to hurt. People who have earned a place in our hearts. Who have taught us the value of friendship, to savor sincerity and to be able to trust. Thanks to all these special individuals, we have been enriched and we have been able to experience true happiness. However, we have not been fair to any of them.

We are full of the imprints of those people that we have forgotten too quickly. Forgotten not because we didn’t  appreciate everything lived with them or because we didn’t value the support they gave us, but because we have given greater importance to all people who, somehow, hurt us.

“Some people come into our lives as blessings and others come as lessons”

People who leave a scar

We know how to differentiate between those people who make us feel good and those who do not. Nevertheless, the decision to let go, to get away or simply to disappear is hard. We allow them to play with our feelings, to continue to treat us badly.Guilt and fears make us doubt even when we are aware of the path we have to take, .

Perhaps this happens because it is in those moments of sadness, depression or true horror when we begin to value and appreciate what we have. Think about the times when you have been very sick, with the flu, without being able to get out of bed. Isn’t it true that you value then those moments when you are well? However, when you are no longer feeling bad, this sensation is blurred.

In terms of relationships we see exactly the same. People who leave a scar remain in our memory longer. We make them responsible for our discomfort. We focus on everything they have created, on what they made us feel. Our survival instinct keeps the echo in the form of a memory, in case fate brings us back to similar circumstances.

But it is the people who leave marks, not scars, to which we should give our full attention. Being aware of how much they have contributed to our life, without taking anything away from us. It is not necessary to suffer or have a wound for someone to mark us. The best marks are subtle, only perceptible for those who know how to appreciate them.

 The mark of those who are worthy

It will be worth to focus on all those who left something good in you.

Ask yourself “what kind of mark I want to leave?”  The same way there are people who leave marks without hurting, we can do the same. When we do not value others,  we could leave a wound that can turn into an ugly scar.

Although it is difficult to let go of memories flooded with pain, the truth is that there are shortcuts to achieve it. Simply close your eyes. Listen to your body and let yourself go towards what you want, towards what makes you feel good. Suddenly, those people who left a scar on you will disappear. Those memories will be replaced by the one who only brought you good things.

“We must learn to give people the same value and importance they give us”

The norm should be for you not to be the target of any mean individual, nor that you have only bad luck. You’ve probably have met someone who did not know how to treat you the best way. However, this should not make you grieve. These people should not become the protagonists of your trips down memory lane. The ones that deserve all your attention are those that have been there when many fled. Those who listened to you carefully when many only pretended to do it. The people who marked you not with a scar, but with love.

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