No One Is Worth More Than You

No One Is Worth More Than You

Last update: 12 December, 2016

No one is worth more than you. Do not let anyone make you doubt your abilities. Neither your skin color, your sex nor your money defines your potential or your ability to fight in a world where discrimination is so common.

A world where those who are considered different have to fight much harder to obtain the same as the people who are considered “normal.” What it means to be “normal” is always established by the culture based on what is most common, but what is most common does not imply that it is right or the best.

“No one is alike. Neither better nor worse. They are someone else. And if two are in agreement, it is because of a misunderstanding “

-Jean-Paul Sartre-

I am a person, not a label

We stop being people in order to be labels, as if what we are could be defined in a single word. As if what we are was something so rare or special that we should highlight it first.

Just because I am of a different race does not mean that I am inferior, rather that I am simply a different color. If I’m not of the same sex or if my sex isn’t found between the classic division of man-woman, does not imply that I am deviant or a sexual delinquent. Simply, my gender identity is different from the one that by statistics usually corresponds to the genitals of my body. He who does not have great economic means does not make them a vague or uneducated person, but rather my life is more complicated than yours.


But first and foremost, whoever you are or however you are, no one can tell you that you cannot do something or that you do not have any worth for the mere fact of being different, of not being like them. Capabilities are not dictated by sex, race or wealth.

Being a woman does not invalidate you to be a scientist or earn the same as a man. Being transsexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian does not invalidate you to have children. It is not a disease, it is a sexual choice and it is not contagious. Being unemployed does not mean that you are a bad worker. It means that perhaps you have not been given the oppotunity to prove your talent.

“False imagination teaches you that things such as light and shadow, long and tall, white and black are different and have to be discriminated against; But they are not independent of each other; They are different aspects of the same thing, they are concepts of relationship, not reality. “


Educate in diversity

We need educate children in diversity. Show them that the variety is good and gives color to the world. They will grow up knowing that they will have the same opportunities in life, regardless of their sex, race or economic situation. So nobody can tell them who is worth more, because everyone will have the same value before society.


All this on paper seems very beautiful, but difficult to perform. That’s not so. S mall gestures can begin to change the world and even more if they are transmitted to future generations. Through playing or reading, many values that help in the acceptance of diversity can be taught.

We adults are the ones who assign genders to colors or toys. For a child, pink is only a color. The color that is for “girls” is a description that we teach. For a girl, a toy car is just that. A toy which is “typical of boys” is a meaning that we attribute to it.

For a child, makeup is just the face paint that lets your imagination run wild. The sexualization of makeup belongs only to the adult world. For a girl to fight and want to be a footballer does not make her become a tomboy, it usually means she enjoys running behind a ball.

Respecting children’s freedom of choice, letting them enjoy, does not hurt them, it benefits us all. And this above all teaches us that no one is worth more than another, we are simply different people.

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