Letter To My Body

Letter To My Body

Last update: 24 October, 2016

Dear Body,

It’s been a while since we’ve talked and I miss you. What a strange feeling I get by striking up a conversation with you again, as if you were an old friend I haven’t visited in a while. As if I yearned for your contact and hastily wanted to see you through these lines.

Life goes by so fast that I need time to be with you consciously. I know you’re there, I owe every move and every thought to you. And yet, sometimes you feel distant. As if my mind worked alone, as if there was no physical body giving it support.

I don’t blame you for it, but I do, because we are one. I am, and so are you, responsible for falling on deaf ears when you anxiously scream my name. It is we who, until we’ve reached the limit, do not stop to look at each other again.

Although sometimes foreign, I feel you

But do not think I don’t hear you. That those cries do not reach my ears, because it is not true. I hear and I feel you, but sometimes I ignore you. Don’t blame me for it, I know you’ve often done the same with me. We both know the frustration of talking without being given attention.

Your messages, ranging from subtle to grotesque, capture my attention when I want them to be taken care of. Although you set the pace for me, I will be the one who has the last word in deciding the right time and place for us to be together.

I know that upsets you. I know you want more and, I want it too. I long for time to be alone with you, but in this relationship, one of the two has to set the limits

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There is a time and a place for you

Do not despair. Even though sometimes we may have difficulty understanding each other, we are nothing without each other. Only together can we reach the top. Do not leave me along the way because the without me, you are empty; without you, I am inert. It is difficult to give you an appointment, the schedule is tight, but you, of infinite patience, wait for me until the hands of the clock, between its tick tock, leaves a space for your voice to resound.

Although it is difficult, the moment arrives. We look for it, like someone who looks for a needle in a haystack and after hard work ends up finding it. Enjoying the moment, knowing that the time has come for the pin to go back into place, there where it belongs and does not get lost in a pile of straw.

If you look at me, I look at you

And when the time comes, and we are finally alone, we begin to be ourselves. You take your clothes off and stay uncovered while I remove my thoughts that cover my head for hours and hours. It’s just you and me. Bare and without screens to interrupt the communication. If you talk to me, I answer. If you look at me, I stare. I finally feel you in all your splendor.

From the soft touch of your neck to the tickles on your calf that disturb a calm sea. There is no  part of you that wants to lose me and now even the smallest corner seems worthy of being explored, as if it were the first time.

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When we are together we are great

As an eruption is to a volcano, you are to my life. First calm, everything seems quiet. We have time to stop at every valley we find and enjoy together what our senses give us.

Noise and the rise in temperature will indicate that there is activity; that the volcano is alive and that the apparent calm was only a mirage. The heat and the increasingly urgent movement of the earth warns us of the imminent arrival of the explosion that will turn the rock into lava.

Because when we talk, we understand each other, and when this happens, the result is almost magical. As the image of a body and a full mind, as the scene of an erupting volcano. And when we are together we are great and we can achieve what each one separately was not able to achieve.

Dear body, the pleasure was mine

Dear body, I cannot promise that I you will write more often, nor that I’ll even stop ignoring you. We will continue to lose ourselves in the “I want” and “I can’t”, in the “I can but today I don’t feel like it”.

But there will come a time when we go back to look at ourselves and listen to ourselves. Perhaps, after these words, it will happen sooner rather than later and, without realizing it, we will go back to being united again under the same consciousness.

No need to thank me for these lines, the pleasure has been mine.

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