The Mystery of Mental Attraction: When Two Souls Caress

The Mystery of Mental Attraction: When Two Souls Caress

Last update: 02 December, 2021

Sometimes, two souls meet, and almost without even knowing how we enter the same gravitational field where almost everything fits. We’re referring to that mental seduction that goes beyond the physical world. It entraps and dazzles you, there where two souls meet. They caress each other and set sail down the same path together.

This kind of attraction that goes beyond the skin is more common than we think. However, this doesn’t change the fact that physical appearance continues to be important. In fact, just as the social psychologist Solomon Asch proved in his work, Implicit Theories of the Personality, people still think that everything that is beautiful is good and therefore beneficial.

“When someone makes you feel things without placing a single finger on you, now that is admirable.”

-Mario Benedetti-

When it comes to attraction, we have to keep in mind that a big part of those mechanisms are controlled by unconscious processes. Physical appearance is our cover letter and biggest claim, we know that. Nevertheless, this claim isn’t always the perfect lure or the most infallible. Biology, chemistry and our psycho-emotional needs give way to this gravitational field that makes us attractive to certain people. Sometimes, almost without knowing how, we click. Magic surges, and we do everything we can to keep them close to us.

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Doctor Raymond Knee is still to this day immersed in the study of the social conception of ‘soul mates’. From his department we can take a test with which we can evaluate our view on the topic. After performing this test we will know if we belong to one of these two groups:

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