Movement Generates Movement

Movement Generates Movement

Last update: 13 March, 2016


There are many reasons that we remain “static” and, unfortunately, there are certain circumstances or moments in our lives that obligate us to stay that way.

“But the human being is not independent because movement starts with him, but because he can inhibit movement. Thus breaking his own spontaneity and naturalness.”


They’re the moments in which life seems to pause, or the ones in which our dreams seem so much more distant and impossible than when we saw them through the window.

We all fight for someone or something (or for both at the same time), but how can we recognize when we’ve arrived at the place we wanted to be?

There are a few signs that are communicated to us. In fact, it seems that happiness is an ephemeral and fleeting emotion that gets diluted in the moment in which our brain tells us: “yes, but…” That sadness, in the right amount, is also needed to value the good moments.

sunset road

Every step is necessary

Every decision involves giving up something, and maybe we’ll always be left with doubt over what could have been if we had continued on the path that we abandoned.

But what if the path that we left behind really wasn’t in vain, but rather was necessary to cross in order to arrive at the place we’re at today?

It seems that we are used to working toward goalsso that when we satisfactorily complete one, we feel happy and whole.

However, soon after, our mind sabotages us with new doubts and concerns that make us question whether it was really an important achievement, or if it was just a failed attempt.

Will we never feel okay with ourselves?

Movement is important. But an excessive movement towards an abstract goal becomes obsessive and damaging to our self-esteem, and can also affect our view of the world and our relationships.

Every small step that we take is important. There are many reasons to think that causality is the result of small actions that we’ve taken and that, on most occasions, we didn’t know where we were going. They were simply little crumbs of bread that we left behind without realizing.

But believe me, every step has been a determining factor in the process of our lives.


We tend to use the phrase “life takes many turns,” but in reality, it only turns if we move the wheel.

From the couch in our house, it’s impossible to change our world, but it’s also impossible to reach our destiny with an exaggerated and excessive self demand. Apparently, as always, the secret is in finding a happy medium.

Now think about all the things that you once thought you’d never do or have. How did you get them? Through the desire to get them, yes, but also without even realizing it. Those are already achievements that we’ve made and that we shouldn’t undervalue.

Movement is the step from potential to action

There are many things that we want to do, but that stay in our thoughts because of fear. We envision a catastrophic future plagued by insecurities, irreparable damages, and anticipated failures.

This happens when we face small steps as well as great and vital challenges.

In the first case, there is a solution: do it. In the second case, there’s another solution: be patient and keep your feet on the ground, because in the face of excessively difficult challenges, it’s pretty likely that we’ll fail in the short-term, and maybe life consists of little approximations.

You’ll have a thousand and one excuses to not do it and that your fears will look for reasons to support your hypothesis, but have you really put it to the test?

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