Mothers Of Courage And Their Immeasurable Emotional Legacy

Mothers Of Courage And Their Immeasurable Emotional Legacy
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Mothers of courage are those who have gone beyond the limits of challenges, who had everything against them but did not let the wind break their branches, who recovered their strength to protect their nest, who put themselves back together and set out again with their chicks.

They are all the mothers who have dealt with a difficult life, who have rebuilt their world even though they were abandoned and pushed into the background by society, or maybe by those people who should have been by their sides but who let them down.

They have tried to guarantee the best protection and education for their children. They have gone without so that their children would not go hungry, neither in stomach nor in soul. They have slowly made hugs full of love and overflowing with hope.

Woman Lying Heads Together

Teachers of self-improvement and love

This is why they are masters of combat and self-improvement. They know exactly what it means to move forward bearing the weight of difficulties and injustices, fighting so that their children would never go without and never be hurt by anyone or anything.

For this reason, when we talk about mothers of courage, we have to take a moment of silence, put our hands on our hearts, and remember the wisdom that we have received in the welcoming laps of each and every one of them.

Because they are the ones responsible for our being complete adults today, for the fact that we can breathe today and proudly feel like each of those adventures and adversities were overcome with growth by women whose only goal was for their children to have someone by their side as they walked the path of love.

With that motivation, they created a universe where they knew that their children would always find affection, protection, and everything that they may need. From their place in the world, they tried to protect their children from injustices, loss, and evil.

And so they spent the years while their best recognition was in the smile of their children, in their achievements, in their determination, in their happiness, in their growth. And it is from this that they have drawn their strength, by learning to bring out the best in themselves and to define who they are.

Mother and Daughter on Train Tracks

“The worst flaw of mothers is that they die before we can manage to give back a part of what they have done for us.

They leave us defenseless, guilty, and irretrievably orphaned. Luckily, we only have one. Because nobody could bear the pain of losing her twice.”

-Isabel Allende-

A mother’s best legacy for her children is having come to terms with herself as a woman

A healed mother is one who shows her children how to sort out those priorities that become knotted in the roles of a woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, or friend. Through that process, they teach their children the values of respect toward the feminine world.

For a mother of courage is not necessarily one who sacrifices herself for the mere fact of being a woman, but one who despite having to carry such a great burden does not renounce her self-realization, and does not change who she is, but rather consolidates it.

This step is the one that changes them into women of strength who provides the best possible example to their children when it comes time to establish emotional limits on life.

Woman Hugging Mother

A mother of courage carries all of her lives inside her, ever present, allows herself to listen to them, to fill herself with healthy expectations, to overcome the impositions, and to push her children forward with the strength that love provides.

And a mother of courage is first and foremost a woman filled with power. This is why we must view these women as a universal bond that unites us all, because at the end of the day, they are the fountain of life.

So, if we dare to venture into our feminine lineage, surely a great part of us will run across women of courage who decided that it was worth the trouble to walk through the deep ocean of adversities that they were destined to experience.

And so, without knowing it, thanks to their courage, they left us a great emotional legacy, a legacy that we feed on today and for which we pay them tribute. For being women worthy of everything, for their universal hearts, and for their infinite dedication.

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