Your Mother Will Be There, Even When The Rest Have Gone

Your Mother Will Be There, Even When The Rest Have Gone
Cristina Roda Rivera

Written and verified by the psychologist Cristina Roda Rivera.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

There are many types of mothers and not all know how to do it right. There are also toxic mothers that cause much pain by their parenting style or by the projection of frustrated desires imposed on their children.

But most mothers love and care for us with immeasurable responsibility and dedication. Your mother will be there, even when the rest are gone.

We must remember their work, so minimized, invisible and even sometimes underrated. For many, the greatest pride of our life is having had them with us.

What mothers sacrifice

Mothers give up many more things than we imagine to raise us and make us happy. Until just a decade or so ago, women had to renounce practically everything in order to be a mother, because society did not allow them to be mothers, women and workers at the same time.

Now it’s different, it has evolved positively, but there is still a long way to go until the day when a mother will not have to give up anything because she wants to have a child and raise them without feeling guilty.


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Mothers have so much generosity and so much love for their child, they realize they want to give their baby their all. Many carry on with their other dreams, juggling multiple responsibilities; while for others, their children become their primary work. In either case, a mother’s investment in her children is absolute.

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

-William Ross Wallace-


Mothers that fight so their children will have more than they did

Many mothers heal the wound of their frustrated dreams and their aspirations by devoting themselves to do anything so that their children can one day get to do what they love in life.

Seeing us happy is their personal achievement, their life’s prize for all the silent work they have done for many years. Wrapping us up when we were cold, teaching us good values, caring for us by drying our tears after a hard time. Betting on us when nobody did…


They are happy for what you have learned and to have you near. They assume that there will come a time when you must leave their side. They feel an empty nest but a full heart by seeing you happy and free.

They always say that mothers want the best for us and they usually do. That’s why they work 24-hours a day and don’t neglect us for even a minute.

Their eyes fill with pride when someone tells them that we are good people and polite. They get excited when we are in school and continue to be excited when we are adults.

When it seems that everything goes wrong, they are always there

Your mother will never leave, however much you say you no longer need her…mothers know that when children say those things, those moments are when we need them more than ever. They will return to be with you, to be the refuge you need in a storm.

my mother 2

You will heal yourself of the wounds of life because your mother, with her naturalness and her company, gives you calm, warm, understanding…She is there for you to return to when you want to be reassured that you have not lost your way, far from all the stress and conventionalism. This is when you are yourself more than ever.

“There are many wonders in the universe; but the masterpiece of creation is the maternal heart”

-Ernest Bersot-

They are our refuge, our direction. They have our heart and we do not want to even imagine what will happen when they are not here anymore. That is why now, in life, you have to make her happy and give her your love.

Spend the time with her that she deserves and know that nobody will love you the way she does. The love between mothers and children is unmatched. There is always time to enjoy it, because it is the most sincere and wonderful of our existence.

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