How to Maintain Intimacy With Your Long Distance Partner

How to Maintain Intimacy With Your Long Distance Partner

Last update: 06 September, 2018

Intimacy is defined as an intimate and reserved spiritual zone of a person or group, especially of a family. An abstract but profound concept that includes our most private aspects and, in some cases, the relationship that we have. In fact, couples who for some reason need to separate physically from each other but still want to be together must learn how to maintain intimacy with their long distance partner.

Maintaining intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean living in the same city or living together in the same house. Many couples are physically close to each other, but not emotionally. That feeling of closeness, of connection, of being with the other person, facilitates intimacy. It’s very important to learn how to keep or strengthen the relationship with your partner, especially in long distance relationships. Let’s discuss how to do it.

How to maintain intimacy with your long distance partner

Experience has taught us how to keep our relationships, but there are things to bear in mind in long distance relationships. Here are some keys to help you maintain intimacy with your partner:

  • Manage communication. Know how, when, and what you’ll talk about with your partner. Not only does this reduce anxiety and uncertainty, but it also helps the conversation flow. Now, you don’t need to plan all the topics for conversation, just the important ones. We recommend, for example, that you agree on a schedule for phone calls.
A woman making video calls with her boyfriend promotes communication.
  • Promote the expression and communication of feelings. Knowing how one feels about the other is important. Knowing what worries you or what situations make you feel worse may give information about who you are. Expressing emotions is very important because you don’t see each other every day. Questions like “What did you feel?” and “How do you feel?” allow us to express our feelings.
  • Instead of stressing out or worrying, be confident. Thanks to technology, sending photos, videos, or audios is easy. However, one has to be very careful with these things. It’s different when you send a photo because you remember your partner than sending it because it’s required or is a means of control. In these cases, it’s important that you don’t require immediate replies from the other person and that you respect your private space.
  • Be careful with how you share your problems. Talking to your partner about your problems is important, but be careful with how you express them, since you may cause great fear or helplessness. Use a clear and simple language and practice active listening. Also, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes may be of great help.
  • Try to make realistic plans. Distance may play mind games with you and may even foster disappointment. That’s why it’s important to manage the difference between expectation and reality. Assess how it affects distance.
  • Talk about having phone sex or cybersex. If you want to try phone sex or cybersex, know how to say this to your partner because they may interpret this in many ways. It’s important to discuss the topic with great care and respect. It’s important to talk about the topic with great empathy and respect.
  • Accept differences. Each person is a world and each partner is a universe. The need for intimacy is something personal that you need to communicate. You shouldn’t make your partner guess. It’s normal to have different opinions as long as there’s no bad intention or aggressiveness. We just have a different way of looking at life.

As you may have seen, maintaining intimacy with your partner in a long distance relationship is not a bed of roses. It requires attention, effort, empathy, and respect to create healthy and strong relationships.

Maintaining intimacy with your partner in a long distance relationship requires attention, effort, empathy, and respect. 

The power of memories

Memories play an important role in a long distance relationship. Thoughts about happy moments, holding hands while walking, and those wonderful hugs are important. Those memories may help you maintain intimacy with your partner. In fact, for many couples, talking about these inevitable thoughts strengthen bonds.

Looking at pictures helps maintain intimacy.

When you think about a moment together or of something that reminds you of your partner while praising their good qualities or making plans, it weakens the feeling of distance. A feeling that sometimes overwhelms us.

Your confidence in yourself and in your partner and absolute respect and empathy may help. Distance only separates bodies, not hearts. You can overcome the challenge of maintaining intimacy in a long distance relationship with a lot of willpower and effort.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.