There Are Magical People All Around Us

There Are Magical People All Around Us

Last update: 12 September, 2016

There are magical people all around us. These are the people who bring you happiness, who allow you to fly, to shine, and to vent your frustrations. You understand each other, and you’re always there for each other.

You don’t always need to say “I’m by your side,” because words are unnecessary. Sometimes you just click with someone, as if the melody of love came out of nowhere and guided you to them. The bond you share is healthy, clear, and open to new experiences. Your friendship consists of those sincere looks that lift the weight off your shoulders and help you to overcome your obstacles.

“Magical people exist. I promise you, I’ve seen them. They’re hidden in every corner of the planet. Disguised as normal people. Concealing their special way of being. They try to act like everyone else. That’s why it can be so hard to find them. But once you do, there’s no turning back. You can’t forget them. Don’t tell anybody, but they say that their magic is so strong that if it touches you once, it’s with you forever.”

-Author unknown-

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True friends can be counted on one hand

True friends can be counted on one hand. This is a truth that pretty much no one can deny. This is the natural way of things, so you can’t put all your expectations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and interests on everyone who passes through your life.

There are some people who you connect with in a special way, and your experiences with them unite you together and fulfill your social needs. Like Aristotle once said, we are social animals, and therefore we need those bonds with other people in order to feel complete.

Magical people have amazing social and emotional qualities. They offer us their support, save us, and guide us. In other words, they are both socially and emotionally intelligent.

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The two main ingredients of social intelligence

Social intelligence is defined as the ability to relate to other people. According to Daniel Goleman, there are two key ingredients that you need for social intelligence:

  • Social awareness: this is the ability to be sensitive to the internal state of the other person, to perceive their nonverbal emotional signals and understand their feelings, thoughts, and intentions. It involves:
    • Tuning in and really listening.
    • Allowing the other person to speak their mind.
    • Allowing the conversation to follow a certain course.
    • Knowing how people function at a social level so you can decode their social signals.
  • Social aptitude: this is the ability to establish good relationships and create bonds, always being aware of the needs of others. On top of being socially aware, you have to know how to conduct fluid and effective exchanges. In order to do this, you need to:
    • Learn how to introduce yourself.
    • Care about the needs of others and act accordingly.
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In summary, social intelligence is more than just taking the time to listen; you also have to deeply tune in to other people’s feelings and allow a more intimate, sustainable connection to occur. Magical people are socially and emotionally intelligent, giving them a gift of expressiveness that attracts other people to them.

As we’ve said before, some relationships give us a chance to share what moves us. These relationships engage us with life, encourage us to be better people, and bring light to the dark areas of our souls.

Even if it might out of our reach, social and emotional intelligence is something we can all achieve. So don’t rule out the possibility of crossing paths with magical people or of sharing your own magic with others.

Images courtesy of Kristina Webb and Anne Soline

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