It Was a Love to Meet You, Pleasure of My Life

It Was a Love to Meet You, Pleasure of My Life

Last update: 02 February, 2016

“They say that throughout our lives we have two great loves : one with whom you marry or live forever, it may be the father or mother of your children … That person from whom you achieve maximum understanding to spend the rest of your life with…

And they say there is always a second love, a person you always lose, someone who was born connected to you, so connected that the chemical forces go beyond reason and prevent you from ever reaching a happy ending.

Until one day you cease to try…  You surrender and seek that other person who you end up finding, but I assure you will not spend a single night without needing another kiss from them or even argue with them again.

You know who I’m talking about, because while you were reading this, their name came to mind . You will get rid of him or her, you will stop suffering, you’ll  find peace (it will be replaced by calm), but I assure you that not  even one day will go by that you won’t want them to be here disturbing you.

Because sometimes it requires more energy arguing with someone you love, than making love with someone you care about.”

-Paulo Coelho-

You came to me without even having to ask, you touched me and nothing was ever the same. I remember during those days life was different, the colors were more intense and the odors were more vivid.

I don’t know, I think there is love that turns everything upside down. The fact is that I never wanted to turn back to my world and put everything in order, but it shows that inertia and routine make you get used to everything.

You were my cause and my effect, you were the one who provoked my volcano, you were my companion in life, my ice and my fire, my beach and my sea.

red thread clamp-420x242

The red thread that united us

My shadow says that we no longer look alike

That as much as it follows me, it does not fit my step

That I now fit with you

It’s jealous, it says



I don’t know if you and I were joined by the red string of fate or if everything was by chance, but what I do know is that of everyone in the world, it was you and I in this place. That makes me believe that the culprit was a man with a hat that united our hearts with an invisible string on a moonlit night.

We have arrived here because we deserve it. Because we have become skillful, because we love together and separately. Debauchery, romance and commitment gave way to two souls accompanying each other forever.

We find ourselves in an unbridled passion, in a beating heart, in disappointment when everything is not ideal, the illusion of a new beginning, in coexistence, in confidence, on the ephemeral and the real.

We have recreated battlefields. We have reached the end of the world. We have broken up. We have gotten back together. We have drowned our butterflies.

And if anything is clear it is that in love there is everything, but above all, passion, scuffles and forgiveness. For, a perfect couple is not necessarily one that always stays together, but one that feels ideal.

I knew from the first moment you were bound to be that person I was going to lose forever…



I will always love you

“The essential is indefinable.
How do we define the color yellow, love, the motherland, the taste of coffee?
How do we define a person we love?
We cannot”

-J. L. Borges.-

Some kisses are so fleeting that I have to ask for them to happen again. Now, I put ellipses on everything because it will continue and I can always make the moments I have with you endless.

No matter how much time passes, even if the passion no longer pushes us together, you will always be in a special place in my heart. At place where love is not tinged with colors, but intensity. And ours was not brief, it was eternal.

For all this, I am left wondering why you left and did not return, wondering what will come…It was a love to meet you, pleasure of my life…

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