Love is Sharing Your Soul

Love is Sharing Your Soul
Lorena Vara González

Written and verified by the psychologist Lorena Vara González.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Below your skin lives your soul. At times, it is hidden between doubts, kidnapped by fear. Other times, it is brave, showing the wounds it has suffered over time. However, only with those who get close enough will you feel comfortable sharing your soul.

Although it may seem that the shield that protects your soul is thin and weak, it is harder and more durable than you imagine. Disguised as candid innocence, it is really the most powerful protection against outside threats.

But, of course, we still feel the fear of our memories. Of those who approached us like wolves, wanting to posses our bodies without caring about our souls and personalities. There is no greater enemy than this type of person – one who only does things for their own interest and doesn’t care about others.

With a simple look you can see the skin, but it is much harder to know the soul it hides.

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Look beyond the image

In order to really know someone, you must look beyond the image they project. Many times, that image is just a hard shell that hides who they really are. Many times, it is just the fear that they will be hurt again and have their illusions trampled.

We must admit, showing ourselves bare-chested, without secrets, makes us feel vulnerable and so we try to avoid it at all costs. The fear of pain is more powerful than the courage to show you as you are. And, even if you lose a part of yourself every time you hide, you feel protecting yourself is the best option. That is what you’ve internalized.

Perhaps time will help you lose those fears that haunt you. Maybe the world will change and women will no longer be hunting trophies for conquering wolves. Maybe by then, skin will only be skin, a place to caress, not a shield against the bad things in life.

“My skin is engraved with your sings, and there is no wind or water that can wash them away without leaving my name blurred, faded, and without a smile.”

Gioconda Belli

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To really love, we must reach the soul

For someone to truly love you, they must reach your soul. They must see each and every corner that you hide in the folds of your skin. They must see your fears and the stories you have lived. You are not just a beautiful body. You are a canvas painted with stories, full of words and built in the shelter of hugs full of love, molded by the blows of life’s difficulties. It is not only your scars that make you unique, however big they may seem as you run your fingers across their jagged surfaces.

Do not forget everything that you are worth, even if life fills you with blows and trips you a thousand times. You get up, shake off the dust, and keep going. 

Your fears may alienate those who come into your life with good intentions. However, we must bear in mind that patience will always bear fruit for those who truly posses it. In the end, time always makes our masks fall away, then those close to us can truly embrace us.

In that moment, before those people, your fears will disappear and your skin will become transparent, showing a faithful reflection of the person you are. Because you do not always have to hide. Just find the right place to show yourself; that place and those people will not hurt you, they will make you stronger. 

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