How to Create Intimacy: When Two Souls Meet

How to Create Intimacy: When Two Souls Meet

Last update: 26 October, 2017

In those intimate moments when we show each other exactly who we are, it can be easier to bare your body than to bare your soul. Baring your soul means being vulnerable, it means showing your fears, insecurities, and weaknesses. It is so easy for us to take off our clothes, and yet so difficult to remove the armor that protects us. But it is the only way for us to connect to each other in an authentic and honest way. Today we will look at how to create intimacy.

Intimacy is created when two souls are able to come together. It happens when we travel beyond the physical body and connect with the deepest part of the other person. From this moment on, caresses are no longer directed toward the body. They change focus to different aspects of the other person’s personality. Our thick walls start to crumble when our partner touches them, and we can share our inner thoughts and feelings.

Which key will open the armor around our hearts? What is the secret to being able to show ourselves exactly as we are? Where do our defenses end and true intimacy being? It’s called trust.

Building trust in our relationships is the bridge to an honest and deep connection.

It can be difficult to establish trust at the beginning because it requires us to face our defense mechanisms. Then we must tear them down, one by one, knowing that when we fall, our partner will pick us up. We know they won’t abandon us when we show our true selves, because genuine trust is born out of acceptance.

It might be a difficult process, but a relationship doesn’t truly begin until trust is established. In this love story, intimacy will be the safety mechanism that inspires both partners to be who they are. No strings attached, no audience, just two souls in their pure state.

How to Create Intimacy? Free Yourself from Fear

It is normal to have doubts and reject intimacy at first. We feel vulnerable when we show our true selves. On top of that is the risk that the other person won’t do the same. What happens if we truly get to know each other and we don’t like what we see? What if I share everything but get nothing in return? What could happen if I open my heart someone else?

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There’s always the possibility that we won’t find what we are looking for in the other person. But if we don’t try, we won’t know for sure if they would have truly accepted us. In order to find the trust and intimacy that we long for, we have to take off our masks and take a chance. If we don’t, we will never have the opportunity to create authentic and solid relationships. We will never be able to enjoy intimacy with other people.

We are surrounded by superficial relationships maintained by unspoken criticisms; by sexual relationships that are purely physical, by fears suffered in solitude, by people who have company but not union. Enough with relating to each through fear, if that’s not what we want. It’s time to  be free, brave, and strong so we can find what we deserve.

Intimacy is full of trust and connection. Don’t be afraid of it. Fear stops us. Fear protects us, but also keeps us from growing and relating to others. Having one bad experience doesn’t mean it will happen again. The brave don’t get stuck on rejection. They keep trying and push themselves to look for something better.

The courage to show our true selves

Being courageous means showing our true essence and choosing our authenticity so that others can see us. Only then will they truly know us, and only then can we be sure that those who stick around are doing it because they love us just as we are.

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Loving ourselves is the key to have the confidence necessary not to give up on ourselves. When we love ourselves, we accept our fears, we value ourselves, and we don’t let our insecurities keep us from showing the world who we really are.

Let’s forget about uniting bodies and makes sure it is our souls that are connected. Let’s set our fears aside and be free to discover ourselves and discover each other. No more make-up, no more armor, and no more insecurities. Let’s get to know each other just as we are.


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