Love Is More Than Words

Love Is More Than Words

Last update: 14 November, 2017

I wish you love, that wonderful kind of love, the one that gives you butterflies in the tummy, a silly expression on your face and sunshine in your smile. The love you can’t escape from, however much you try, the addictive love that makes you want more, makes you want to feel it more strongly and above all to know how to love well. Because, when it comes down to it, love is more than words.

I wish you true love, not the easy kind, that kind we already have enough of, but rather the one that’s nourished every day. The one that surprises us just how good it is and makes you want to seek refuge in it whenever you feel lost. Yes, love, those four simple letters, but how I want you to find it because those letters will soon become words, and so many of them! On top of that you’ll become so much more as a person, simply because love has a thousand meanings. But, out of all these meanings, which do you think is the most important one? The answer’s simple: it’s the one that represents you.

That’s the love I wish for you, the love that embraces strong and sure, the one that kisses with passion, the one that makes your legs tremble, the one that gives warmth when it’s cold and the one that gives you air when you’re suffocating. The love that makes you forget your “never evers”, your limits and your foolish and empty promises, that love that gives you stories and that propels you towards life. Let’s not forget: if it doesn’t give you life, it isn’t love .

Love is more than words

It won’t be enough for it to just sound like love, it must represent love, not just words, but much much more, because if we’re only talking about letters then I’m not really wishing you real love.

When all you need is a look , when a simple gesture says everything, when without even touching you it makes you tremble or when there is so much chemistry that everything flows without the need for words. Now that is love, the love we’re really wanting…real love.

love is more than words

I wish you smiles, ones that have a reason behind them and those that don’t. I want you to get excited when you talk and not to tell me why, I want you to make me feel why, so that I can enjoy it too. My wish is that you have so much love, so much to give others too. Give it out with fits of giggles, with actions, with so much more than just words.

May you have the desire for many adventures, to jump into the unknown and to conquer the world and everything that comes into your path. May all these things I’m wishing you be so much more than words. I want you to take them, make them yours and feel them, because if you don’t, it won’t mean anything.

Don’t lose the desire to continue striving for it

And as we’re talking about wishes … my desire is that you won’t lose hope. That after having felt all this you’ll still have the desire to experience it and not to stop looking for it. Realize that love is not just flowers, it is also the water that they need to grow and not to die. We can’t have one without the other.

Keep searching for passion and keep feeling it, keep oozing love from every pore of your body. And in each laugh, keep working and striving so that love doesn’t die. And when you’re full up, it’s time to give it to the world, because it needs love, and needs people who share love.

love more than words

When you lose it, seek out where it has disappeared to, either inside you or outside. Keep pressing on because love moves everything. Don’t give up. Release it again, fall in love every second of the day. If there is something we should regret, it is not to have tried, not to have fought for it, because love heals everything.

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