Laughter is the Best Path to Happiness

June 29, 2017

Laughter, along with kindness, is one of the most wonderful and spontaneous reactions we have. Plus, it’s one of the beautiful characteristics that sets us apart from other living beings.

When we laugh, we truly express our deepest emotions and show the purity of our soul. Overall, there’s no expression that better expresses how we feel.

“Forgetting to laugh is an unforgivable oblivian at any age.

A mortal sin in childhood.”

-Albert Espinosa-

Pablo Neruda once wrote that laughter is the language of the soul. For Matizo, laughter was one of the most sincere tools that allows us to communicate, but not the only one. There’s also our gaze, caresses, or even weeping. However, sometimes the one who laughs the most is also the one who cries the most inside.

No matter how you look at it, what we do know that is that when we laugh, we’re using a personal language with which we express more than simply what we’re thinking. It’s a special way to express a general state: even if you’re overcome by sadness or anxiety, if you laugh, you truly live. Your soul lives.

If you laugh, you truly live

Laughing out of nervousness, laughing because of happiness, laughing at humor, laughing with nostalgia, laughing because of mutual understanding…There are infinite types of laughter and ways it shows itself.

“Laughter is tremendously relaxing, it’s a great meditation. If you can laugh completely, if you can laugh wholly, you will enter into a space without consciousness or time. The mind logically lives on expectations, but laughter is something that comes from beyond.”

Friends Laughing Together

Regardless of the feeling that surrounds you, if you can laugh, it’s a sign that you’re alive and your soul lives. Even the smiles that hurt – the ones that mark the limit between grief and courage – places you actively in the world.

A healthy laugh is the reflection of a healthy emotional and physical balance

From the time we’re about five months old, our brain begins to secrete endorphins when we laugh that provide a similar effect on the body to morphine. In this way, a vital equilibrium is maintained. The negative energy gives way to a positive mood that we transmit to those around us.

In addition, laughter fights states of sadness as well as daily stress. It also raises self-esteem and confidence in ourselves while diminishing shame and fear. We can even say that it strengthens the immune system: your lungs, grain and heart all benefit from it, since your blood pressure decreases and your muscles relax.

Of course, we can’t forget that laughter is also a good way to supplement a calorie-burning diet and tone your skin. That’s why laughter therapy exists. It’s the idea that a healthy laugh provides an equally healthy physical and emotional balance.


Your laugh doesn’t just communicate: it’s the path to happiness

It’s something truly amazing. Laughter doesn’t just speak for us and provide us with personal benefits, it also influences those who perceive it. Thus, laughter is able to reassure, heal, cheer up and even embrace.

It is said that there are 180 types of laughter. There are those that come from your soul and enter the soul of another forever, and other opportune moments that fade into the air after a momentary contribution. In addition, there are those that define you and identify you with others and those that make others join in.

“Laughter is health and it lengthens life. (…) I want to do everything, but my mission is life is to burst into the loudest, most raucous laughter.”
-Jim Carrey-

Innocent. Surprising. Cynical. Compromising. Shy. Overflowing. Suffocating. Friendly. Joking. Any kind of laughter is a means of communication and part of our most profound language.

father and son laughing