Look on the Bright Side!

February 25, 2017

There is a saying in our language: “Look on the bright side.” We hear it used every time it pours rain or is a very gray day, our mood declines and on many occasions it is harder to leave home to socialize and have a good time with our friends.

However, despite adverse weather conditions, we can take advantage of these situations for other activities that may also be useful to us. Therefore we shouldn’t waste our time or feel that we are throwing our lives away.

This usually occurs a lot in winter where strong winds, snow and low temperatures cause people’s moods to decline. In fact, it’s been shown that people in Nordic countries are much more likely to suffer periods of stress or depression.

Are you in a similar situation? Well, today we have a few tips to turn that day of bad weather day and apathy into another one that is really worth experiencing. Remember that life is two days, and half of them we are sleeping.

Time is money

Surely on a bad day many of you only spend it on the couch watching TV. Not that it’s wrong, but if we are likely to do this one day and later on another day too, sooner or later we will fall into laziness or boredom. One way to avoid this would be with activities that we do not usually do regularly.

Reading, watching a series in another language, or even philosophizing about life. One day with gray clouds invites us to think a lot about our existence, right? In my case, I use that time to write articles like this because they help me concentrate and write better. In short, one who gets bored does so because he wants to.

Life will always bring you wonderful moments

Many people complain that they hardly have “luck in life”. This happens especially when they are stuck wasting all their time at home, complaining about their situation and falling into self-pity. But what good is this? Do you really want to change your luck by doing nothing? Well I can assure you that you don’t.

Therefore, although we are having a bad time in our lives, we must always apply a bit of “looking on the bright side”. In this way, sooner or later we will surely leave the doldrums of where we are. And surely that rainy day full of gray clouds will become a sunny day with blue skies where you can go out in short sleeves. Don’t you think so? And if not ask Gene Kelly, who under an incessant rain, knew how to sing one of the most famous singles of film history.