Letting Your Light Shine Can Annoy Those Who Live in the Darkness

October 2, 2017

Letting your light shine and wanting to share that feeling will really annoy those whose hearts are full of total darkness. It is a shame that when you want someone to be glad about your happiness, it may actually end up extinguishing your brightness.

Of course, you surely already know that. In this life there are those who are full of light and shine that light around without blinding others and those who blind other people with their toxicity. These latter people are also the epitome of that which overwhelms us and obscures us just when we are seeking the most support.

“Envy is a thousand times more terrible than hunger, because it is spiritual hunger”

-Miguel de Unamuno-

Remember that these people do not need you in their lives, and it does not benefit you having them in yours, especially because true friends help each other when there is grief but they also know how to celebrate with you when you achieve your goals.

Let the toxic people drown in their own poison

Brightness and darkness are part of nature, and the two types of people that symbolize each of these coexist, communicate and sometimes become contaminated. This is precisely the reason why it is easy to meet people who live in the dark and annoy them because of the brightness that you are emitting.

Of course, your brightness isn’t unpleasant, but the fact is that some people need to rob you of it in order to feel better, because in their soul there is evil and in their veins envy, so much envy. We all know that there are mushrooms that look good but that are not edible. It is the same with these evil people: they come to you and make you believe that they will be there for you and yet, when it comes down to it, they actually end up poisoning you.

That’s why toxic friendships must be avoided and those who do not share the happiness that we can feel must be discarded. If you think about it, someone who is not happy for you in your achievements doesn’t really love you, and that is the most important thing.


Is being happy welcomed or frowned upon?

We love sharing our good news and dreams with people we know. We enjoy showing people that we have found a place where we are truly happy about our lives. We do it on social networks, by phone, by e-mail, with songs or any of a thousand ways that we can think of.

That is why we do not understand the dissatisfaction shown on people’s faces that show they aren’t happy for us. We would expect a smile in return, a hug, or for them to say “fantastic, congratulations.” You’ve probably experienced this yourself. At those times, the brightness that we brought disappears and the emotion wanes on not finding the reactin that we were expecting.

“I’m glad you’re glad that I’m glad that you’re happy”

-Paul Auster-

When this is repeated again and again, we come to the conclusion that happiness is contagious, but only to those who let it spread: sometimes your inner peace causes discomfort in others and that has nothing to do with you, but rather with how the other person manages their emotions.

Maybe it’s their darkness that upsets your brightness

When considering this subject an interesting comparison came to me, and you may agree with it: the people who detest your light remind me of wisdom teeth. I’ll try to explain why.

Wisdom teeth sooner or later have to come to the surface and probably don’t do it at the same time: at first they don’t annoy us, but, just when we think we are fine, they start to hurt us. We start to feel bad and our energy is weakened and the only option we have is to remove them – eliminate them so that they don’t make our lives a misery. When the teeth are gone, the relief we feel is second to none.

People who have coldness in their soul and cannot find a way to hide it generate an impact similar to that of the wisdom teeth: they have to appear at some point because they are part of humankind. However, it is good for us not to forget that wisdom teeth have no usefulness and cause us hygiene problems. Keep letting your own personal light shine and don’t let the darkness that is not yours spoil your mood.

“If laughter is contagious, let’s make it an epidemic.”

-Pablo Pacanowski-