Don't Let Anyone or Anything Erase Your Smile

Don't Let Anyone or Anything Erase Your Smile

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Don’t ever let anything or anyone erase your smile. Flow, live and enjoy, because life lasts but only two measly days, if you’re lucky. And you’re the one who chooses how to live it. Take off those chains that bind you to your fears. Get rid of the uncertainty that makes you frown, and dare to live life your own way.

Step out of your heels in order to feel the wet grass with your bare feet. Notice how the leaves tremble between your fingers and the air. Climb the pine tree if what you want is to touch the sky with your feet. Do whatever your heart desires, but make sure doing so makes you happy. Thus, you’ll be able to show off that beautiful smile that you wear so well. Do things your own way, because that’s the way you are. You already know that happiness can’t be searched for, we stumble upon it without meaning to in one of our few careless oversights.

Remember that you only live once and that it is best to make this one life of ours worthwhile. Think, is there a better investment for our most valued resource (time) than that? Put limits to the influence that others’ opinions or what they have to say have over you. That is called envy, and it is simply their way of making you feel bad.

I am myself when I smile. Just like I am myself when I am sad. Both emotions are parts of me and both describe me at some points in my life. I will never deny either of them, because that would be the first step towards denying a part of myself. Thus, ceasing to nourish my self-love. 

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Cover yourself in your best smile and share it with the world

Share your smile with the world, because a smile always means a lot. A smile makes you both feel good, the person who receives it and the one who shows it off. Be generous with your smiles, as it doesn’t cost you a dime. Think that a smile can last a second, but the memory it leaves behind can sometimes be eternal.

A smile is that curve which sweetens the face and lights up your gaze. But, this is only true for honest smiles. They don’t count if you are hiding sorrow behind them. Think that you are deducting value from what you are feeling when you hide it and disguise it with what you feel is politically correct for those around you.

“Even a happy life can’t be measures without darkness. The word happy would lose its meaning if it wasn’t balanced out by sadness.”
-Carl Gustav Jung-

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Life must be felt with the volume all the way up, laughing out loud, yelling and biting. Life has to be savored with all of your senses. You have to enjoy each second of the present without letting the past torment you. Because remember that the past is set in stone. There is nothing you can do to change it.

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