The Pleasure of Giving and Helping

The Pleasure of Giving and Helping
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Life is full of thoughts, feelings, negative people…But, though we may sometimes feel tempted to let ourselves be taken over by negativity, we should focus on everything positive that makes us feel good about ourselves.

There are many things we can do that make us feel good about ourselves. That give us a sensation that can’t be compared to anything else. A feeling of gratification that produces a great sense of happiness.

Today you’ll discover one of life’s greatest pleasures: the pleasure of giving and helping. An action that gives us a feeling of complete satisfaction. What if you start putting it into practice?

Learn to not expect anything in return

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One of the most common thoughts and actions we’re guilty of committing, is to give something, and then wait for some kind of reward for it. You can’t call this giving and helping. You won’t receive the same gratification as you would if you give freely with no expectations.

Have you ever helped or given something having truly not expected anything in return? Did you not feel a unexplainable sensation of well-being? Promoting these little things that we at times deem insignificant will allow us to be much happier.

A smile to the lady at the supermarket, helping someone with their bags when they are carrying too much at once, returning a fallen purse to someone walking ahead of us… All of this, all of these little actions that we perform voluntarily will produce a unexplainable sensation of pleasure and well-being.

There’s a saying that goes “he who most gives, will most receive,” but only if you never expect anything in return, any sort of reward or reciprocity for your actions. Practice a generous way of helping others; it’s a way to feel good about ourselves and making others feel good as well.

Dare to walk barefoot, to smile without any reason, to help others without receiving applause.

Helping those who really need it

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Maybe it has happened to you that you tried to help someone and they rejected your help, and in the end, it’s like you didn’t help at all. We should pay attention and see who really needs our help and who can “work it out on their own,” because sometimes people need to go through certain difficulties on their own in order to become stronger and learn.

There are also people that due to pride or arrogance don’t want your help because it makes them feel insulted. They think you see them as weak and it makes them uncomfortable. Don’t try to push it in these situations. The people that reject your help right off the bat don’t deserve for you to keep insisting. If anything, you’ll just make it worse.

Help and give freely to those who truly need it. People close to you or complete strangers. Giving and helping can also be a good way of making friends, interacting with others and discovering very special and beautiful people.

Never forget that you’ll reap what you sow.

And even if you don’t receive anything, the pleasure you feel when you give to others and help them in a selfless manner, can’t be felt any other way.

Everything we do influences our future. How can we whine about how bad things are going for us if we’ve acted badly in the past? Kindness, goodness, that’s what will really give fruit. Giving and receiving smiles, giving out and receiving kindness.

The world is a place that still has much left to discover. Positive things. But we should start to appreciate these small acts to which we don’t give enough importance.

What we give, we shall receive, in some way or another. Start practicing giving and helping today. How do you feel? Has your life changed? Your life will be much more positive, and you’ll be much happier. Shall we prove it?
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