Letter to Stainless Steel: Unforgettable People

Letter to Stainless Steel: Unforgettable People

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Unforgettable people, who remain in our memories, free of rust, as if they were made of stainless steel. Unforgettable people that make our hearts leap and our stomachs flutter, and who bring an everlasting smile to our faces.

They don’t necessarily have to have been in our lives for a very long time. They simply have a special something. Something that makes them stand out and which creates an exclusive feeling within us. This letter is dedicated to them:

You have spent your whole life with me, in mind and spirit. However, if you asked why, I could give you several reasons…or maybe none at all. I’d have to think about it, once over. So that you can understand: you’re a blue rose, surrounded by thousands of red roses.

You’re someone with whom I share an endless coffee break with or conversation. Someone I’d spent the night shift with at a quiet surveillance spot. You have a wand, and what you’ve produced within me is the closest thing to magic I have ever felt. It’s something along the lines of inexplicable.

I’m not talking about love or friendship. I’m talking about something that you have, which I have seen. I have also felt, smelled and enjoyed it.

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I have seen you help others without writing anything down in your “debt” column. I have seen you give, even beyond the point of sacrifice. It wasn’t just what you had left over, it was something you also needed and which you didn’t protect due to a fear of it being snatched away from you. Instead, you chose to share it.

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