Courage is Not the Absence of Fear

Courage is Not the Absence of Fear

Last update: 09 June, 2016

If you think that someone who shows courage is someone who does not feel fear, then you are wrong. A brave person is not one who is not afraid of anything, but rather one who is able to overcome those fears.

Never forget that fear is a powerful force that plays a prominent role in many areas of life. So, it is very important to always be attentive and aware, given that life is constantly offering us new opportunities that can generate fear and apprehension. It takes courage to take those opportunities, and to overcome all that is unknown and frightening.

The force of fear 

Fear itself is a frightening force. It is a feeling capable of intimidating us. It is a natural force that can flood through us and make us incapable of reacting. It stops us in our tracks when we fear what people will say, fear what will happen as a consequence, or fear the pain of loss.

woman trapped courage

However, despite the force of fear, there have been many people throughout history who have been capable of confronting their most intimate fears and demonstrating the courage it takes to move forward. There are stories of those who showed that courage, despite having a lot to lose, and risking their own life in the process.

Courage to confront your fears

When navigating the tempestuous waters of the river of life, is it important to be able to overcome our personal fears. However, there is only one real way to do this. We must have the courage to confront them and take them on. Only a person who is able to look their fears in the face and move beyond them will fully know a happy life.

We should never think that there are people who do not feel fear. It is a natural feeling, inherent to human beings. We have all felt it at some point in our lives. A brave person is not someone who does not know fear, but rather someone who has overcome it. 

“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strengths until you are faced with your greatest weakness.”

-Susan Gale-

Therefore, when we observe brave people, even when they are doing something risky or daring, we must keep in mind that this is still a person who may be feeling great fear deep down. Simultaneously, it is a person who is staring down that fear and overcoming it, and able to leave it behind in the process.

Daily fears

In this day and age, there are many scary things we must confront. Who isn’t afraid of losing their job? Who isn’t afraid of something bad happening to a loved one? Who does not feel at least a little bit of panic about the possible consequences when it comes time for them to raise their voice?

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A series of fears has been instilled in us through subliminal, daily messages. We fear certain types of communication, like a conversation becoming heated and tense at a bar, or a speech that is moving or incites strong emotion. These things make us forget our courage and the fact that we can face and overcome these difficult situations. 

“Success is not the end, failure is not fatal: is it the courage to carry on that counts.”

-Winston Churchill-

However, only by overcoming all fear will we be able to feel good about ourselves. It’s the only way we can become the person we always dreamed of being, the person we are at our core. It’s the only way we can glimpse the real happiness of life in the face of that which causes us stress and panic.

Our inability to overcome that which terrorizes and paralyzes the soul blocks us from freely moving through life. If we lack the courage to overcome failure or adversity, we cannot live out our passions.

Don’t leave courage behind. Carry your courage with you every day. Remember that your life is precious. Your voice deserves to be heard. Your courage is a great part of who you are as a person. So face your fears every day with courage. Lift your head up high to demonstrate your pride and strength.

Use all the courage you possess to face your fears. The only thing scarier than our fears is the possibility of not being about to be ourselves. Only courage can defeat our greatest fears.

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