Laughter Is The Language Of The Soul

July 5, 2016

When you smile, you show me your deepest thoughts, you let me see you, you let me explore every one of your secrets, and I feel close to you. Sometimes, you infect me with happiness, by just giving a small hint of a curve on your lips, because your eyes are already smiling at me before your mouth does.

Through each one of your smiles, you show me the world exactly as you see it, you teach me that there is a way of seeing the world with an open soul and readiness to learn. If you do not smile, I will fight with everything that I have in my reach to make your lips fly towards the heavens.

“Deny me bread, air,
light, spring,
but never your laughter
for I would die.”

-Pablo Neruda-

Woman with Colorful Bandana

Why do we lose our sense of humor?

A child laughs around 400 times throughout each day and an adult around 15. This is maybe due to the fact that we lose our innocence or our sense of humor, but the reality is that in many cases, we need to recover the happiness of laughing like children, of having fun, and learning to see life in a much simpler and more fun way.

One of the causes for our lack of humor in some situations is the rigidness with which we behave, our lack of naturalness, our fear of breaking the rules, of not respecting norms. But who wrote these rules? What happens if we do not respect them? Nothing is going to happen; we are simply going to be ourselves.

It is enough to just get on a bus first thing in the morning and see the faces of the people there to realize that nobody is smiling, that everyone has lost their good mood. But have you stopped to think what happens if you smile a bit more? You do not lose anything, your problems will remain there, but if you hint at a smile, surely you will see things differently.

Learning to laugh at oneself again

When we are children, we are not ashamed nor do we think about our faults and virtues; we are simply happy and we smile at life. Thus, laughter is also a question of self-esteem. If we love ourselves, we will be able to accept our faults and our virtues and set aside the importance that we are lending to what other people think.

But it is not just if you have proper self-esteem that you will be capable of laughing at yourself. If you also laugh at yourself, you will strengthen your self-esteem. Therefore, it is something that works in both directions.

Another way to learn to laugh at ourselves again is to learn to overcome our shyness, our shame at the opinion of others, for that sensitivity to negative critique is what paralyzes us and does not allow us to enjoy our laughter. Learn to be spontaneous, say what is going through your head, tell jokes, smile, do not be afraid, nothing is going to happen to you and you are going to have fun.

“A smile is the secret key that opens many hearts.”

-Robert Baden Powell-

Girl with Heart Balloons

Laughter as therapy

The therapy of laughter is no longer simply a way to fight against stress or have a good time; it has become a method with real medical and psychological applications. 

Psychologist José Elías, pioneer in laughter therapy in Spain, brought to light that laughter strengthens the heart, for when we laugh, we move 420 muscles in our body, and among them is the heart muscle. Furthermore, laughter reduces our blood pressure because it increases the diameter of our blood vessels and assists in breathing, as ventilation is increased to its maximum level.

Therefore, laughter improves our quality of life and our health, and it has positive effects, both physical and psychological. Learning to laugh helps us see life from another point of view, a much more pleasant and healthy one. So smile, because that is the language of your soul, the way in which you will be able to go out there and fly.

“A woman can give everything with a smile and get it back later with a tear.”

-Coco Chanel-